Void Steal/Sabotage-like Abyssian


So, when the expansion came out, I decided to open my 50 packs almost immediately (even though I was all the way in Iceland with a limited amount of wi-fic) and one of the cards that I saw that put a huge smile on my face was Void Steal (Abyssian spell, 3 mana: "Give -3 attack to an enemy minion. Give +3 attack to friendly minions around it). The second I read this card, I already knew it had potential to be a disgusting Win condition. So, like the awesome (not really) deckbuilder that I am, I decided to create a deck centered around this idea, however I will admit that it is in early testing and it’s still kind of wonky (half of it is mostly theory crafting and the other is that I’ve been playing mostly in gold rank [I think it’s 5-2 or something like that], however if someone can find time to test in higher ranks I’ll greatly appreciate it >_<). Anyways, TO THE EXPLANATIONMOBILE! ~Durururururu~

Deck List

Blood Siren x3
Daemonic Lure x3
Gloomchaser x3
Soulshatter Pact x1
Wings of MECHAZ0R x3
Repulsor Beast x2
Ritual Banishing x3
Saberspine Tiger x2
Void steal x3
Wraithling Swarm x3
Breath Of The Unborn x1
Lightbender x2
Primus Shieldmaster x3
Rite Of The Undervault x2
Shadowdancer x1
Zen’Rui, The BlightSpawned x2
Vorpal Reaver x2

General Deck Objectives : Welp, it’s swarm in a way, so… spawn minions, hope some of them stick, deal 20 damage out of nowhere. However, unlike most of the general swarm strats, positioning is pretty important for the most part. You generally want to be in the Lol Not Playing around Makantor position, that is as long as you are not facing magmar. For those who don’t understand, you want most of them around one single square that is free in the middle. Why? Well, because you have Daemonic lure/repulsor beast, which allows to throw into that middle square anything that is out of reach, and just void steal that and go squirrels with them 4/1 wraithlings. An easier, less risky strat is just having your wraithling out the enemy minions range before they become active, but that leaves the enemy with a lot of room to work with. If that fails to work out, you have vorpal reaver as a “save me” option, or use zen’rui (+ Blood siren if needed) to get some board presence back. Of course, this deck has a huge weakness… c’mon, say it with me… S-K-O-R-N! wohoo! cough Some other AoE’s such as plasma or Frostburn is a pretty big threat. I’ll explain some in faction dangers in the end, since some of them are mostly, like I said before, theory craft.

What the Hell are those wings of Mech doing here : The reasoning for this is simple. It has low attack, but it makes up for it’s 4 health, allowing to live through the majority of AoE or single target removal (chromatic, tiger or phoenix being most noticeable). It can also steal away your opponents first turn if he starts second and it can also be used to zen’rui something from across the board, or just reach the general with a tiger if he is too far away/blocked. If you feel threatened by skorn too many times, replacing it with Azurehorn shaman is good (kind of does the same thing).

Only 1 Soulshatter? : Well, It’s kind of the 4th Void Steal. It’s way harder to setup as a straight up win condition nowadays, so just having it as a 1 off has been good enough.

No bloodmoon priestess in a wanna be swarm deck? : Bloodmoon priestess is just another setup, and you already have enough. Playing 20 wraithlings isn’t your condition, just 4 or 3 will do good at the job. So instead of priestess, I pulled in some Primus Shieldmaster, since it can pin down the opponent and close distance with those 2 wraithling you played safely. Plus, it lives through frostburn :smiley: (shadowdancer could be replaced, but I like having shadowdancer as a 1 off with wraithling running around).

Additional Stuff : NEVER MOVE FIRST BEFORE BBSing AGAINST FAIE. NEVER I SAY! Why are you so mad? you may ask… well, because it wouldn’t be the first time I lost because I lost a wraithling or two because I couldn’t move again :cry: Against lyonar be aware of those awful holy immos. Playing the mirror, dont do what I did today, which was to play a primus in front of a wraithling and a gloomchaser. Against spellhai be as aggressive as you can, don’t let them breath (wasting a Daemonic lure to clear chakri is worth). Against magmar, make sure to not commit too much to the board and if you do, make sure you have ways of regaining it, whether it be via zen’rui or wraithling swarm and be sure to hold on to them lightchasers to be able to blood siren the general and SMOrc. Against vet, abuse the structures with void steal and do be careful with Stars Fury (I don’t think I need to explain why) and try to hold on to 1 daemonic, aymara is always watching. The most problematic in my eyes would be cass… try playing as many high health minions as you possibly can is my advice, and if that can’t be achieved, pray that they can’t setup an early creep board.

Anyways, that’s about it. Hopefully, this will be improved, but for now, it’s all I got. If you have any advice, be sure to post it here :smiley:


I was thinking of making the same deck,but with wraithling fury and blood baroness OTK.

Loved the explanation.


This looks awesome. I must confess Abyssian has been sorely tempting me lately.

Would Grasp of Agony work in this deck since you already have the lures and repulsor beasts to set Grasp up as well?


I think grasp could work in some way, but I don’t think it’s use could be consistent, since unlike cass, you do not have long range removal aside from ritual vanishing. However, it could find a place maybe in exchange for Breath of the Unborn, which is there mostly as a just in case I face another swarmy deck ^^ (getting rid of maybe 1 wings and have 2 instead of only 1 could also work)


I made such a deck. Planning to post it after testing it in S rank.


Loved the explanation dude. You must be a fun person ^^


Glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile: I try to be slightly entertaining every now and then to lighten the mood and make explanations bearable, but I don’t think “fun” is a good description (although it is appreciated ^^).