[VIDEO] Undefeated Gauntlet 12-0 w/Abyssian no Bloodmoons!


Hey guys, as many of you know Abyssian can be a tough faction to get 12 wins in Gauntlet with.

Below is a video showing a draft + 12 games to give you an example of a run that went undefeated (12-0) in Gauntlet with no Bloodmoon Priestesses - which I typically consider to be one of the requirements of a 12-win Abyssian Gauntlet deck.

I stream gauntlet every night from 11pm - 2am PST on my twitch channel. Feel free to stop by and say hi sometime! :slight_smile:

Thanks for watching!


What are your thoughts for Gauntlet on the new Abyssian cards that were spoiled? Punish and Necrotic Sphere


I will definitely do a new set stream + VOD with the gauntlet perspective after all the cards have been spoiled, but I think Punish is great and will definitely have a positive impact on Abyssian (both Generals - not just Cass - though it is obviously stronger in Cass).

As for Necrotic Sphere, I think it will be good and definitely pickable but not amazing and sometimes it might just be another Dark Transformation for 6 on a big dude that is hopefully in your face.


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