[VIDEO] Lyonar is a Gauntlet Powerhouse post Rise! (Undefeated 12-0)


Hey guys, Argon is still doing great in Gauntlet post Rise of the Bloodborne expansion, though unfortunately it’s not looking like he’s ready to knock Faie out of the #1 spot just yet.

Below is a video showing a full draft and run of an undefeated deck.

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Thanks for watching!



Interesting that you say that Faie is the top dog. The last two Gauntlet runs that I did both went 12-0 and both were with Magmar. And that’s not because I’m such a genius. I agree that Lyonar is still among the best Gauntlet factions – and I’m obviously running hotter than the Sun right now – but Magmar seems to be heads and tails above everything else as of now.


The reason Faie is superior to Magmar is because of consistency. You can absolutely draft Magmar decks that will crush a run, but doing so consistently is difficult because it has a high dependence on getting good cards in the draft and dodging certain weaknesses in your matchups.

If you get good cards and dodge your weaknesses, you can do great as Magmar! But Faie has the greatest access to common removal and tempo cards that allow her to win games, whereas Magmar has to be fortunate enough to hit the right tools.

Vetruvian is even worse because it has an even stronger dependence on dodging rear-line ranged minions from your opponent. A single buffed ranged minion early in the game and you lose the game. But if you get decent cards and dodge Reva and ranged minions, you can go 12 with Vet too!

Any general can go 12 wins under the right circumstances. Faie just has the easiest and most consistent ability to get there.


Interesting how much experiences can differ.


As an example, I had a very poor run with Magmar a couple of days ago on my stream. It was due to getting a bad draft that was extremely light on removal (and my opponents all played big dudes and raged minions in the midgame that I was unable to answer). Sometimes this happens. I was really disappointed and so I snap picked Magmar again for the following run, got better cards, and went 12 wins with it.

Magmar is fun to play and can do well, it’s just a bit inconsistent - very dependent on the cards you’re offered during draft.


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