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[VIDEO] Full gauntlet draft to 12-1 with Abyssian (a little sloppy!)


Hey guys, here’s a full draft and run where I reached 12 wins with Lilithe Blightchaser of the Abyssian Faction. There are some sloppy plays in this run, which just goes to show that you can still do well even without perfect plays every time! :slight_smile:

Naturally this is a long video, but I put quick links at the beginning if you want to jump around to watch different games.

If you’d like to watch me play Gauntlet live where I interact with viewers, answer questions, and where you can discuss plays with me, be sure to check out my twitch channel here: http://www.twitch.tv/thesylvermyst1

I stream every night from 11pm PDT until 2am.

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