Vet's Spinecleaver's Bloodfire Totem: could use a better description


after hundreds of games played, i finally figured out that the bloodfire totem when used against your minion, becomes yours. i already knew you couldn’t target it directly. i was playing faie and figured what the hell, i’d try and see if hailstone prison would do anything. it did, lolzzz

it appeared in my hand. oh so i figured i use it against my opponent, then found out that it was attacking me instead, haha. hovered my mouse on it and it said what it said.

but if you hover your mouse of the opponent’s spinecleaver, it states, “enemy minions destroyed by your general summon a bloodfire totem on that space”.

i think the description for spinecleaver should be a little clearer as to what a bloodfire totem is. its only inferrred that its owned by you when you hover over it, based on its description and if it shifts on your side or your opponents side.

i doubt its just me that was confused.


When a minion summons something it’s implied to be a friendly minion and as such the card text makes sense. About the Spinecleaver not properly describing what the totem does, that’s simply due to lack of space. I don’t think that’s a big issue either as it’s always fun to discover such things, and competitive players will easily look it up.


Duelyst, as I’m sure you already know by now, is a labor of love in that you don’t know entirely what’s going to happen until you throw caution to the wind and go balls deep in learning the cards. Or you let others do that for you.:grin:
The ambiguity just makes things funnier the first time you see it


Congratz on the …enlightenment mate :smiley: I figured that out pretty early, and usually use Aspect of the Fox on it, or pull back, reinforce my army and use it as a far place to summon blockers


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