Vetruvian's viability? (Pre-Bloodborn cards only)


Recently, I have been having some trouble climbing the ladder using Vet, and yes, I know the faction is the weakest in the game, so before suggesting me to switch to a different faction try and help me make a better deck. I would like to know is it possible to make a viable Vet deck using Pre-Bloodborn cards only, since despite having half of the Bloodborn expansion, I have only 1 Vet card from there (Divine spark).
Any questions are welcome.


Otk artifact sajj can be good, but it’s pretty meme-y and unreliable while obelisk or zoo decks just aren’t that good.
Falcius, pax, and Aymara healer are required for any vet deck above silver.


I would like to try otk Sajj, but I think the spirit required is enormous, I’m not sure if ill have that much even if I disenchant most of my cards (not to mention the Bloodborn cards which I don’t have help Sajj more than Zirix). On the other note obelisks don’t work that well like you said(Plasma storm and dispell :cry:). Of the cards you mentioned I have Falcius, pax, and 1 Aymara anything else useful to know?


Yes, it’s possible to make a competitive Obelisk Vet deck with some core and Shim’Zar cards. The only important card Obelisk Vet got with RoB was Nosh-Rak who you don’t have to run, though he is really good. Obelisk Vet is very good, yes it gets completely fked over by Plasma Storm, hence why every bodies scared of playing it, but aside from that it should be relatively consistent against everything else. If Obelisk Vet is not your thing you might want to try Inner Oasis variants or aggro Dervish.


I didn’t mean I don’t like obelisks, I just meant that I haven’t had much success with them. Although it could be do to the fact that I only have 5 obelisks and no Windslicers or Nimbus. could you tell me more about this agro Dervish deck? I haven’t heard of that before. Is sabotage Vet any good by the way? It sounds fun, but I assume it isn’t viable since I don’t see anybody running it.


Ive seen a lot of vet players on diamond and Ive seen vet decks on tournies so yes they are viable despite the general opinion within the forum.

My frustration for vet mostly comes from Divine Spark. Seriously, its a really bad card.


May I know what is your rank? No offense, but you seem to be pointing fingers despite having all the wrong ideas in terms of how good divine spark is, and having no idea what’s wrong with vet entirely.


I haven’t climbed this season because, school. I did managed to get to S rank with this specific decks if you read what I wrote, you should be able to find some form of answer. Like whether the deck needs tweaking, is it good in the current meta etc.


I’ve been having g a good time trying out my unseven deck before it was Artifact saji. Had to cut one divine spark felt like or much card draw. Went from gold 10 to 8 mostly on vet games. Probably gonna do some Vanar to complete my quests.


divine spark is 3 mana to draw 2 cards. blaze hound is 3 mana to draw 1 card and put a 4/3 body on the board. i know which i’d rather play.


Just diamond 5 as of the moment but despite how low that is, I think i’m still entitled to an opinion based on my experience with it.

So I assume whats wrong with vet is that they dont have good range removals especially after the siphone nerf and what they have right now is only for rashas curse or bone swarm, thus leading to completely unfair matchups like if there is an unreachable kaleino or any of lilithes’ girls.

i see vet ranking up because of its 3 super stars mainly pax, falcius, and aymara (maybe zephyr to turn you into makantor?) but i dont believe its because of how good divine spark is.

Good points for me is that I see it as a cheap rite of the underworld that doesnt take up your entire turn on the late game.

Im sure you have a different opinion about this and I’ll be happy if you could change my view.


Spark is the only one you really need o__O. It fixes most of the problems with building Vet decks outright. What’s missing here though, is what kind of Vet deck do you want to play? Vet only really works for midrange and control builds- with the occasional silly combo deck for lols. What are your goals, what style of deck do you feel comfortable playing? I’d share my own decklists, but they often involve high spell counts- which doesn’t work for everybody.


Great, cause you know vets inside out. Opinions are subjective , I know but divine spark is not a bad card. It’s a spell card that’s fair. You pay 3 mana yo draw 2. It doesn’t suck, but it’s not absurd (ahem rite of the undervault ahem), it’s fair.

Also, the reason it’s viable in tourneys is because vets are good vs very specific match ups. Mainly against lyonar and Abyssians. It’s relatively worse against everything else. They are viable, yes, every faction and deck is viable. The only question is, how effective they are. You might need like 400-1k wins to reach S rank with a meme deck or maybe it won’t even reach there. But some decks can get you there in an average of 90-120wins. Atm,vets are viable but severely underpowered. Also it’s extremely answer or die in the recent metas, playing vets make it more frustrating when you don’t even have a card to answer the ridiculous threats spawned out of your reach. So vets viable? Yes. Is there a problem and do they need help? Desperately.


Number one, you’re comparing the wrong cards. One is a spell, the other is a minion.

Two, blaze hound gives symmetrical draws. Divine spark doesn’t. Blaze hound will kill you faster if you’re up against aggressive decks , but mill a card vs slower decks. Divine spark on the other hand draws cards to you and only you.

Three, blaze hound is an aggressive /borderline midrange card. It gives you fuel when you’re running out of it and a decent body. Divine spark is a spell card that gives you cards when you can afford to, because you don’t play it for tempo, you play it for card advantage(in slow games). And is bad vs aggressive match ups whentirely you’re trying to survive, unless you somehow ran out of cards.

You don’t play blaze hound as a control Sajj when you finally made your aggressive opponent run out of steam. You regain board control and fish for more cards with divine spark if you need it. Blaze hound can potentially kill you when both sides run out of cards while you just helped your opponent fish lethal. Where as divine spark will refuel your hand when your opponent is left with one card.

Two cards are designed for extremely different purposes, blaze is a double edged tempo card, gere as divine spark is a card solely made for refueling. I’m not one to judge another based solely on ranks, but I assume you’re not in S.


Course a body is good but then you also draw ur opponent a card something many of you see as beyond bad. It’s good for cycling and drawing you a extra card… Which could be a spine cleaver or a ankah cards that put in work.


I’d try to build a buffing vet deck where you focus on utilizing inner oasis, the first two of scions wishes (the third would also do but I’ve never got it so I can’t say how good it is), and the spell proof dervish. Though vet minions pale in comparison to other factions, they are still strong when buffed (portal guardian + stars fury ftw!)


Trinity Oath, 4 mana, draw 3 cards and restore 3 health to general. Yes please i’ll pay 1 mana for an extra card and 3 health. Just another feels bad for Vets. (Not a vet player here)


To be fair, I think Trinity Oath is the problematic card here. It is just too good for its cost.


Not really an apt comparison tbh. The difference between 3 and 4 mana is monumental, and simply put- Vet needed hard draw waaaay more to use their cardpool than Lyonar. Vet decks want to thin themselves out, and churn over redundant answers and threats at a higher frequency.


Yea, just stating how Vets got screwed. Seems that Vets don’t get too many of the nice cards by comparison lol

I’ve always considered Vet to be somewhat of an in-faction card engine; not even being a vet player, it bothers me how lyonar have so many tools at their disposal. If I can digress the thread for one question briefly (or relate it), Vet’s weaknesses are pretty clear - dispel hits them hard and they need enemies close to their general (or opposing general). What weaknesses does Lyonar have? How clear are their weaknesses?