Vetruvian's power up(?)


Hello guys i’m new to the forum, i play main vetruvian and i like the obelisk’s style/theme.

On this topic i ask if a new dervish centered power up can be added. i know, i saw the “third wish” but You’ll agree it’s…sometimes useful, sometimes better a saberspine naga, sometimes even a frosborn naga…

So, a 3/4 mana spell with an effect like “give summon dervish to a minion” (would be maybe not that useful but nice IMO).
It would be weak to dispell and it’s not a “right now” card (like makantor or the 6/6 rush abyssian thing),
It stick to the dervish’s strategy and can help in board control themed decks (it also could be a fun card but again IMO).



The new expansion is coming out in a few weeks, and I wouldn’t doubt vet gets new cards for dervishes. Yours sounds pretty neat honestly, but I can say with some certainty that nobody outside of cpg knows what’s in store.


It is an interesting idea I mean. But it will be tricky to make card like this. :slight_smile:


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