Vetruvian(Zirix) - Structure(Obelysk) Deck Showcase


Hi guys F8 here and I made this video to help new players interested in making Zirix Structure decks to help them decide if it’s for them or not. In the video below I go over Key Cards, Craft Order, High Spirit Cost Card Replacements, Tech Cards & Matchups.

If you are interested in gameplay with the deck feel free to watch my twitch VODS, or if you want commentary there is a link included in the description of the youtube video.


what caught my eye were the 3 decay and 2 dunecaster:
People usually don’t run decay, so running 3 seems a bit too much. How’s that working for you and what made you run 3?
Also, it’s commonly seen 3 dunecasters. Why did you decide to cut 1?

With that said, I have a couple more questions:

  • You’re running 2 skorn. Could you elaborate on them? Would you consider nimbus to go with them?

  • With that minion count, how’s the decks early and mid game? Best and worst cases?


2 Skorn against Egg Burst/Jax Truesight Vet has an extreme weakness to these cards.

Nimbus is slow and it’s a win more card I personally do not like it.

I flip the Dunecaster/Decay depending on the meta that day, but I’m comfy with 2 Dune, 3 Decay at the current moment. Decay is underrated and not respected at the moment. I run 3 Decays now because I kept getting frustrated playing against Argeon and not having enough Decays to deal w/ Tombstones/Ironcliffes.

Deck wins Early/Mid automatically loses if it goes super late.

The video covered all these things in regards to the cards would be in the tech section. The matchup section would explain the poor matchups in regards to Cassy or Faie if the game goes late the deck loses.


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