Vetruvian(Zirix) Gameplay w/ Commentary - Obelysks


Hello everyone! I have been doing a bunch of continuous youtube video content for Zirix this month after the Siphon Energy nerf. I was kinda bummed from the nerf, but I tried to adapt to the format and found this lovely deck inspired by tundranocaps.
The highest I’ve reached this season was rank S-rank 8 with this deck.


The deck has good matchups against Agro decks but weak against control decks. Wall Vanar is almost an instant loss as well as that new Keeper of the Magmar deck going around.

Zirix vs Reva:
Zirix vs Reva (spellhai):
Zirix vs Lilthe:

Gameplay Twitch VODS:

This stuff is still kinda new to me so if you guys have any suggestions or want certain things added let me know either here or youtube/twitch/twitter/discord. This content is also featured on Turn1Mystic.

Also this deck has a very favorable matchup against Reva. If you thought Reva was an issue playing Vet look no further than this deck.

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Love your content! Keep the great job up!