Vetruvian Synergy: Akurane's Suggestions for Faction Synergy


Hello everyone! I’m Akurane, and I have been playing Duelyst ever since I saw Trump’s (Hearthstone) promotion of the game! With recent discussions regarding the strength of factions, I feel like the #1 reason why certain factions are on top is due to how well their decks are able to synergize with one another (specifically Spellhai Reva and shadow creep Cassyva). The purpose of these are to show you guys my suggestions for improving deck architypes within each faction, with my first one starting with Vetruvian.

Now, when I first started playing, 3rd Wish used to give any minion +3/+3 and blast, to kind of give you an idea on how familiar I am with the dozens of changes made to Vetruvian and the constant shift in their power level. With the most recent nerfs in Patch 1.74, many players felt the dramatic shift in power level, yet Dervish Vet felt the least amount of impact from the change. Why? Because they have the most in-faction synergy out of all of the Vetruvian deck architypes. In this thread I will make suggestions for Vetruvian’s 3 most familiar/known architypes (Dervish, Artifact, and Sabotage, which has the least synergy out of the 3). I’ll give card ideas for each architype (with a few miscellaneous ones), and give a concept for a new General for the weakest of the 3 architypes.

Dervish Synergy Cards

Desert Shifter

3 mana 3/2
Opening Gambit: Give 2 friendly dervishes +1/+1. They do not disappear at the end of your turn.

This card will give an alternate to dunecaster, while at the same time giving Vetruvian another strong 3-drop option. While it gives the same amount of stats as dunecasters, it allows more dervishes to stay on board, effecitively making it a strong card for dervish synergy. It also contests the 3 drop slot, making Vet players have to choose between this, Falcius, and tech cards like Sojourner and Blistering Skorn.

[details=Obelysk Reactor]
3 mana 0/3
Summon Dervish: Whenever an Obelysk is summoned, summon a Wind Dervish on a random space near that Obelysk .

This gives Vet a 3 drops that allows their Obelysks to gain immediate value outside of WotS, synergising well with obelysk summoners like Nimbus and Allomancer. It also gives Dervish Vet an option outside of Amyra Healer for their 6 drop.[/details]

[details=Desert Lotus]
5 mana spell
Summon 4 wind dervishes around your general.

I really had a tough time deciding the mana card for this card. The wind dervishes will always summon in a cross-fashion (non diagonals, I believe it’s called cardinal directions) around your general, making it easier to play around, yet at 4 mana I felt it would be too strong. Even at 5, I feel like it is simply a better Star’s Fury to an extent. However, while this card can deal some heavy burst damage, it does not have the reach or variation that Fury has, and it only summons around your general, which can make it difficult to deal with certain threats at a distance or when surrounded.[/details]

Artifact Synergy Cards

5 mana 4/5
While this minion is on the field, prevent one durability from all of your equipped artifacts from being destroyed.
This gives Artifact decks a 5 drop other than Nimbus or Scarab to run, and provides a mean to protecting precious artifacts from being destroyed easily by enemies (specifically Songhai). The effect is stackable, but it does not protect from spells that specifically break artifacts (like Rasha’s Curse and Rust Crawler.[/details]

6 mana 5/5
Your general gains +2 attack for every artifact equipped.
A faster solution to artifact decks with the effect of Auroras tears. However, this card make sthe general retain the effect as long as it’s on the field (with lower stats and a higher mana cost to compensate), allowing artifact decks to maintain pressure and gain more value out of their artifacts. [/details]

[details=Scion’s Apprentice]
2 mana 2/2
Dying Wish: Add a Scion’s Wish from your deck into your hand.
This really isn’t an artifact synergy card, but just a random design to help cycle through decks easier in order to obtain Scion Wish cards (which also makes it easier to activate Pantheran’s ability to an extent).[/details]

Sabotage Synergy Cards

[details=Solar Flare]
4 mana Spell
Revert all enemy minion’s attack to 0 until your next turn.
A powerful card in order to help protect the life of your minions and general, while also allowing safer trades and making it easier to steal minions.[/details]

[details=Tropics Charmer]
5 mana 5/2
Dying Wish: Take control of up to 2 enemy minions that have 0 attack.
Adds another method for Vetruvian to take control over enemy minions, while establishing a powerful threat on board. The restrictions are to make it a card that most synergy when used in conjuction with Blindscorch or Solar Flare, while preventing the card from becoming too good. The stats also allow the card to be easier to trade into.[/details]

3 mana 2/3
Blast; Opening Gambit: Reduce the attack of ALL units in front of this one to 0 until your next turn.
Let’s face it; range is a serious problem for Vetruvian. While this card doesn’t necessarily deal with range, it allows Vet to reduce their damage by preventing units from attacking. It also provides a decent bodied Blast minion, which is one of the least common keyword abilities in Duelyst (including artifacts that gives keyword abilities). [/details]

[details=Mirror’s Reflection]
6 mana artifact.
Summon 3 Illusion tokens of your general on Random spaces. At the end of your turn, randomly swap locations with one of of the illusions. When this artifact looses a durability, destroy an Illusion.
0/1 General
This minion copies the appearance of your general and cannot attack. When destroyed, remove a durability from Mirror’s Reflection.

This artifact is simply for midn games, as your opponent will have to figure out which one is your general. The Illusions gain the appearance and ability of a general (not targetable by minion-targeting effects), while having the downside of not being able to attack. The teleporting effect also further increases the difficulty of finding the real general quickly, using the artifact as a way to get rid of the Illusions (or Vice Versa). Destroying an Illusion will always get rid of a durability, despite Technician’s effect.[/details]
General Concept: Thot (Click image for Full View. Note: I’m not that great at coloring, so I just shaded it with glowing parts~)

Based off of the Egyptian God of Wisdom, Thot’s role as a Vetruvian general is to improve Sabotage Vetruvian’s ability to copy and steal minions and their effects.

Blood Bourne Spell Concept

[details=Linked Up]
Target friendly minion gains the effect off all stat changes on friendly minions until your next turn.

This BBS allows Vet decks to gain more out of its single target buffs. To my recollection, they only have 4 buffs currently which would synergize with this effects (with Third Wish being the biggest worry with this ability), as well as being effected by minion effects (such as Primus and Mystic). To balance this, the effect only counts towards single-target buffs, and is effected by other minions taking damage during your opponents turn. [/details]

Please let me know your thoughts on my suggestions, and if you have any suggestions on fine-tuning these, along with your thoughts on seeing more of these threads :slight_smile:.


Seems super cool. Some things seem incredibly powerful, but are pretty situational to get full value out of them. I really do hope that they add more Generals to the game


Alright, here is my opinion to these cards.

Desert Shifter:
It is very situational and the outcome is… okay, I think. Letting Wind Dervishes survive a General hit is great value.

Obelysk Reactor:
Your description says “a 6 drop” but it is apparently a 3 drop. Perhaps needs an edit?

Desert Lotus:
I am a bit twisted about this card. If you go face with all the dervishes, it is basically a 5 mana Spiral Technique (though it’s harder to pull that off). Do we really want this? I think it needs another drawback than cardinal directions only. On the other hand it is an interesting core design (cross summoning).

How exactly is thi meant? Your artifact stays on one durability while this is on field? That would be pretty interesting and the balancing would be alright.

I like it but the stats are really underwhelming. Changing it to 6 mana wouldn’t make the card broken imo.

Scion’s Aprentice:
Nice little card, although I’m not sure if this would see play.

Solar Flare:
Cool card, but I would like to have some more difference to Blindscorch. Additionally it can’t be comboed with Zenrui unless you Manashift it somehow or reach an active mana tile on turn 9, which is pretty unlikely. What about making it
3 mana: Set all enemy minion’s attack to 0 until the end of your turn.

Yeah, please Counterplay, finally make another viable minion with Blast. I love it, though it might be a tad to strong.

Mirror’s Reflection:
Wut? I have to think about this…

Too complicated for a BBS, but I can see an interesting idea here.


Is there any way I support this aside liking it? Cause I’d like to do that too!


Thanks for the feedback guys! I’m going to take a look into the card more, and maybe add new ones to the list for this week (will plan on doing theses either once a week or once a month).
@attheedge Thank you for pointing out the reactor obelysk typo! I originally planned it to be a 6 drop, but I felt it would be to weak. I also reduced the man’s cost of Electroid to 6 and fixed Solar Flare’s description (will most likely add more steal effects during this week). Regarding Technician, if it is on the field, it prevents your artifacts from losing 1 durability when they otherwise would (example: if one is on the field, your equipped artifacts will never go past 1 durability if they are hit by ping effects or attacking, similar to a permanent arcilyte regalia for artifacts. However, it dies not restore durability of artifacts: only prevents them from losing durability).