Vetruvian starter deck help


I started playing duelyst very recently and really enjoyed the vetruvian deck, so i built this deck.
Can you guy give me any tips to improve it or reformulate it?


You have the right idea about the budget version of the deck. I made some changes to make it more consistent. Not to say this is the best budget version of the deck though.


Others will help you a lot more than I can, but first of all, why so many 2-ofs? Use 3 copies for better consistency, and cut worse cards.

Not really a vet guy but I’m sure someone will drop by :slight_smile:


thanks for the help, btw, what’s yout opinion on cosmic flesh? I saw a video of a guy using it in a starter deck, so i thought i’d give it a try


I tried to use 2 cards of each type to rise the deck’s adaptability to diverse situations and to increase it’s variety, but i guess it was just making it inconsistent and slow, thanks for the tip!


I don’t like it very much. You need a minion before you can cast it and the stats buff is not that great. I’d substitute both for one more first wish and one more shieldmaster.

If you like buffs. Inner Oasis is a nice replacement too (because it cycles itself)