Vetruvian Staples?


Hi there,

Just wondering, what are you always going to see in a standard Vet deck? Getting a bit tired of playing Lyonar and always struggle with dang Obelysks, so thought if you can’t beat 'em, join 'em! Cheers guys!


Pax, Falcius, Fireblaze Obelysk, Siphon Energy in my experience. And of course the 1st and sometimes 2nd Wish.


Good staples are fireblaze obelysks, ethereal ones too, and the 4/6 Scarabs. Throw in Pax, Falcius and then some first wishes and the 0 mana dispel, and you’ve got a solid base to build whatever kinda deck.

I also find primus fist very useful in Vet (makes wind dervishes a 4 damage burst, amongst other goodness) so I’d run 2 or 3 of them.

I also run 1x Rasha’s curse in every deck as my tech against artefacts, or as a sneaky 2 damage out of nowhere to the enemy general or a nasty ranged minion

Hope this helps!


There are no sacred cows.

But Falcius is a solid place to start. Pax generally increases the power level of most Vet decks by giving good starts. Aymara Healer is a workhorse, but is easy to misplay and is usually best when you can build with all three, or none at all. Nimbus is a personal favorite, but is too slow for some builds.Star’s Fury is secretly one of the most powerful Vet cards. Rasha’s Curse is versatile removal that allows you to pack somewhat free artifact hate.

Outside of Pax, and Healing Mystic,nothing is a “play 3” style staple. Falcius is powerful, but awkward, Nimbus is reliable but slow. So you’ll find yourself shifting around the numbers quite a bit. Don’t be afraid of running cards like Decay or Dominate Will as singletons. Hexblade and Staff are very powerful ways to use your life as a resource.

The biggest issue with building Vet, is that you have to play “politely”. There aren’t any in-class Rush effects that don’t require an existing board outside of Rasha’s Curse (and Star’s Fury if you can take the extreme value loss of playing it on a naked board.) Often, you’ll be playing turns trying to make your neutral stance better, and out position your opponent. You may actually find Argeon to be one of your more aggravating matchups when you play it from the other angle (and in the process figure out how to exploit Vet’s inherent slowness.)

Also recommended…
Sunset Paragon
Shiro Puppydragon
Grincher (over L’Kian- because the odds of getting 2 awkward cards is incredibly high)
Grove Lion

Neutral 5s, especially tech or card generation are extremely important.

Jaxi and Sunsteel Defender look good on paper, but because you have to play them “fairly”, they are likely to disappoint. Pyromancer can be sweet, but consider it very carefully. Don’t play Rae or Fountain of Youth.


I’ve been cobbling together a Vetruvian deck with the Scioness revolving around Blast. There’s a minion that lets you draw your artifacts so you can start bombarding your opponent early, so that’s a staple in that deck.



Unfortunately, Artifact Hunter doesn’t really cut the cake. Some say it needs that precious 4th point of Health, or to straight up be a 4/4. But in my estimation, it’s a matter of redundancy issues. AH is really nifty if you’re only packing 3 copies of a single artifact because you know what you’ll get. But the effect it has is only redundant with Oserix (which is even less reliable.) If there were a Vet spell with the Artifact Hunter effect, it’d be significantly more worthwhile to play Hunters, but right now if you’re packing a diverse artifact suite, it’s too easy to run into the dreaded double and triple ankh hands.

Which is why many artifact based Sajj decks pack Grincher- if you get an artifact that gives you X attack (most artifacts,) it’s far better than running into hands with your second copies of Ankh and Spinecleaver (which don’t stack well.)


I havent run into any of those problems shrug

I’m sure I’ll keep tweaking if i ever get to diamond and up, but I dont care about getting there.


Vet main here.
Staples. In rarity, common down

Siphon Energy
Starfire Scarab (can serve as a very solid 5 drop)
Inner Oasis (sees a fair bit of play in some more swarmy decks)
Dominate Will
Aymara Healer

More archetype dependant and not as absolutely vital

Obelysk/Dervish Vet:
Whisper of the Sands
Fireblaze Obelysk
Star’s Fury
Scion’s Third Wish

Artifact Vet:
Wildfire Ankh
Aurora’s Tears
Time Maelstrom

Control Vet:
Circle of Dessication (See Spinecleaver)
Spinecleaver (can be run in Artifact as well, not that good though)

Honourable mention, tend to be a bit more memey but seriously a ton of fun, if you get the chance, give it a try.

Psychic Conduit
Mirage Master

FYI : These two cards belong to their own archetype knows as Sabotage Vet, my second favourite archetype after Dervish Vet. It’s not common but very fun and incredibly satisfying when it works.

I think that covers it, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask!


i’d argue that nimbus is good in any deck, not just control. yes, it’s slow, but it’s a really good win con if you run out of steam in the faster decks


That’s true. But if he’s going to be crafting cards based off this list, I’d want him to prioritize Aymara. Nimbus doesn’t work too well in the archetypes I posted. You are right in the fact that it’s a very good minion and it’ll work in a lot of decks. But it can be too slow for some archetypes.


Got a spare Prismatic Lady Locke, so could at least add one to the deck I’ve currently got.


I disagree with Starfire Scarab, honestly. The same slot holds both Kron and Nimbus, both of which are much more solid 5-drops.


okay so i play a ton of vet, like literally only play them essentially.

lets break this down into 2 parts, unavoidable staples and generally seen staples.


Falcius - good removal keeps your general alive, can compete with entropic decay

Scions First Wish - its just good, cycles your deck and gets your minions stronger

Siphon energy - dispels are good, simple as that.

Kron - this guy is too good not to have in every non-songhai deck

Generally seen:

Pax - i dont find him strong, because without synergy from dervish things hes actually kinda a bad card (dealing 6 damage to a general with a minion is nothing strange for other factions, and pax is abusable and slow tempo, hes heavily overrates, just tank him hes really not good, or dispel him if you want.)

Aymara healer - pretty much the card that was in every deck for a solid year, its fallen a bit out of favor due to the meta speeding up a bit cough songhai cough and one can do well without him (currently my flytruvian deck is sitting at something like 80% win rate at rank 8… which is pretty good considering i’ve only played like… 11 games this season) so ye, good but slow

Nimbus - just play kron… if he gets nerfed… ya okay but not til then

Scions second wish - pushes aggression heavily, good in a ton of decks where you can expect to keep cheeky low value minions around.

really thats it for stuff thats seen super often, most things after that fall into niche territory.

Vet has been and still is a pretty weak faction held together by absurd cards, falcius is pretty much 90% of the reason i consider scionness sajj to be decent atm, and though not a zirix player myself, i know they love some of the obeylsk swarm styles, though i dont personally find them viable (minor match + stars fury = instant win when they have 7 obelysks)

i can break down more cards if anyone wants but i dont want to make this an absurdly long post.


oserix isn’t less reliable.

just run a 2 artifact deck. my flytruvian deck is literally spinecleaver + blast fire anhk.

theres a slight chance i pick one up by accident after i summon oserix but its rare and you can run 2-3 oserix with only 2 artifacts witthout any issue.

artifact hunter doesn’t have an issue with reliablilty, rather artifacts simply aren’t powerful atm. playing against a songhai is pretty much "artifacts only exist for 1 turn) and since they are super meta its hard for a card with almost no strength on its own to be seen due to that horrid matchup.


Yeah, they are, but both are legendary and if he hasn’t got 2700 spirit to throw into a playset of Krons, he’ll need something decent, scarabs are commons. This is also a Vetruvian staple post, that’s why I didnt mention Kron.