Vetruvian Removal


It looks like we agree then. Duelyst has made units that snowball games too hard. Our removal cannot be of the level of dark transformation overall.

Even so, I do not think BoA should exist. It does not fit the vetruvian identity. And yes, I don’t think hard removal with upside should be better than what you get in abyssian at the same cost. This is because I associate good removal for big things with abyssian, just like I associate the best removal for small things with Vanar.

@pfcmickey, I have a ribbon in vetruvian and play the faction in the single digit ranks. This has nothing to do with my faction preference. You are right that I do not think vetruvians should get a better version of an abyssian removal spell though.


maybe also the fact that ranged minions act completely different, cards have options to choose when activated, each faction has a different identity, and more positional aspects (Charm, Fear), and even more ramp or anti ramp cards then duelyst.

I’m not saying it’s better, just saying its not so much more interesting because of removal.

Yes, I play shardbound regularly. I play yellow aggro, because the legendaries are necessary for a lot of factions, except yellow. I am currently at gold rank, if you want to know


You left off Metamorphosis and Necrotic Sphere which are better than bunch of things on your list even if you are using it to remove one thing.


is good? really?

I can’t even…


I agree with you on Blood of Air. It is a dis-proportionally powerful spell compared to some other removal and is most assuredly in the upper echelons of removal.

However, Vetruvian NEEDS this card. As a faction it is a cardboard house propped up by solitary VERY powerful cards. We have seen the effect of Vetruvian having a single one of these cards nerfed and it was the faction becoming a complete joke. This has happened several times.

Vetruvia paradoxically is poisoned by and needs these cards to exist. They need them to maintain their status as a worthy faction but it also removes any ability to buff up or create moderate cards that function well for the faction. If Vetruvian did not have Blood of Air they would be absolute garbage. They have no ranged removal besides it and would get absolutely wrecked by Abyssian and Songhai (and more) because of it. This sucks but is the current state.

It is a stupidly powerful card, it does not feel like a Vetruvian card (being a better Dark Transformation). It would be better if it was changed or removed BUT the faction can’t function without it. That last part is the sad bit.


Where did I say it was good? I said it was better than things he had listed .


vetruvian did get the better version, but honestly i dont see what is the big deal, because they got a better version of a card that was not really used anyways, i dont even remember the last time i saw that card used on me outside of silver.

( also, abyssian does have the straight up better 2 mana artifact, if we are comparing cards from different factions in a vaccum )


Okay, I will drop that part. It irks me more that BoA breaks the rule that vetruvian removal has severe restrictions. You either have to be near the target, or you immobilize it. Printing unconditional removal like this throws that part of the identity out of the window. I would have preferred more effects like incinera to deal with this restriction.

As for the comparison: The reason why I don’t think the 2 mana artifact comparison holds up is because both are part of the core set. The core set creates the baseline for faction identities.


Falcius, Swirl reader, BOA more or less is very versatile removal with all kinds of reach and options. When I came to Duelyst, the only thing vet had going was obelysks they are just huge value generators and Falcius. All separate, they are fine and nice pieces for vet and not particularly a problem. But good plays from your opp that you respect. They’ve just been getting too many. Every expansion another very strong versatile card comes out. I guess they cost, but cost usually isn’t a deciding factor when putting removal options into your deck, especially when you only have 2 (3 with swirl reader) hard removals from which to pick and each cost more than 4


they are aoe though, so I do not include them, for the same reason I do not include aperion’s claim, circle of desication, etc


Well that rule with vet removal bring limited wasn’t there from the start, it was forced on them in October with that god damned siphon nerf. Then they realized what a stupid idea that was but instead of just reversing that nerf they printed boa. Personally I would have preferred getting siphon back, maybe even for 1 or 2 mana. Would have left vet with somewhat restricted removal since siphon is just dispel but it would have done the job of giving them a way to deal with backline threats but well… Why correct mistakes and make a ruined core card playable again when you can just print a much better card and hide it behind a paywall…


If they were looking for a nerf, probably just turning it form a wind dervish to a sandy poop dervish.

Punish needs to be looked at before BoA is ever touched imo.

A concern I have with Vet is more in how many cantrip cards they have in conjunction with low mana cost cards. Pretty certain they have the most cantrip cards out of any faction. The cost of the cantrip in conjunction with the attached effects feel very strong, specifically among the obelysk archetype. No complaints of OP, just a developing concern.


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