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What is the best Control deck recently?

the only lategame decks that are any good right now are ones that can beat wanderer and fault, and so control really isn’t a thing at the moment.

Oh ok, is N.O.S.E. Sajj viable at the moment?

this might just break the serpenti and the dev team of banco


jusy figured out max spirit on deck is 35100XD

Yeah I am semi new, so I can’t really afford all that.

this is not a real deck.

this what i used

still very expensive though.

NoSE is not viable.
Fault is the best deck in the game right now.
Wanderer Zirix is pretty good.
Control Ciphyron is also pretty good.

Can anyone give me a good Control Ciphyron or a Wanderer Zirix?

For all your net decking needs.

Ugh I can’t actually build any of these builds, I only have 1400 spirit :frowning:

Consider buying some orb and support CPG (Banco) :stuck_out_tongue:


i’m not by any means an otority regarding vet (however if you need help with the snowy people i might be able to lend a hand)

@nwardezir help this man

This man want some “best deck”, I guess grinding and winning on Ladder, by netdecking and going full meta … I’m exactly the opposite of that, I doubt I can help :smiley:

this exactly why i brought you, save this poor soul from the depths of the meta.

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BEHOLD the true king of the meta!

I just need a good build that will get me wins more often than losses so I can get gold to buy orbs.

Everybody is free to find the fun where they want to :slight_smile:
If one wants to go full meta, no problem with that, I’m not an anti-meta evangelist. I’m just sad to be forced to go Ranked myself :frowning: (yeah, gdiaf if it hurts some to read that again).

Meta or not, I need help creating a deck with the 1400 spirit, and cards I have.

https://imgur.com/a/8IOZ4IV here are a bunch of budget decks that are strong so take your pick, however do note that you do still need to play well in order to climb

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