Vetruvian Moe Oasis (swarm health Zirix)


So, yeah, people who fought against me despite my minimal presence on ladder might know that I have a thing for decks that are weird or at least unconventional.

Here is my take on Vetruvian.

Please note that including ‘Moe’ in the deck name is meant both as clickbait, sorry, and as an actual reference to the all-powerful Moebius. Nothing regarding moe with a lowercase can be found here - some will argue that Aymara waifu may apply but this is not the place or time to argue about such a touchy subject. I like the idea of a Moe Oasis tho.

Zirix Starstrider x1
Siphon Energy x3
Scion’s First Wish x3
Azure Horn Shaman x2
Bone Swarm x1
Cosmic Flesh x2
Pax x3
Scion’s Second Wish x3
Bastion x2
Inner Oasis x3
Captain Hank Hart x1
Entropic Decay x3
Moebius x3
Sun Elemental x3
Starfire Scarab x2
Aymara Healer x3
Dominate Will x2

And the illegible but prettier version:

Regarding the deck.

The principle is to have healthy minions that hit your opponent. Board is kept clear by hard removal and general and the occasional sacrificed dervish. Auto-heal Moe and Aymara nuke are the common finishers. It works surprisingly well against Lyonar and Vetruvian - but then again, gold division doesn’t really count.



I like the idea… but what’s moe? Well, it’s literally ‘tired’ in my language, but I doubt you mean that :stuck_out_tongue:


Cute*? It’s some weeb shit as some would call it.
*That’s not what it means at all, just to give you an idea


It’s a kind of pure endearing cute. It isn’t supposed to be a specific term, more like a concept that is usually used with a depraved undertone. It’s applied to fictional characters that embody cuteness or fantasized youth and might be viewed with perverted eyes (although the rule is that you do not state these thoughts).
It literally means something that blooms in your heart.

A kitten is cute, a girl with kitten ears might be moe.

I advise against googling it.


I knew it.

According to Wikipedia:

Moe (萌え?, pronounced [mo.e] is a Japanese slang loanword that refers to feelings of strong affection mainly towards characters in anime, manga, and video games.

Deck looks fun. I must however note that the curve looks like the WTC. Too soon, @Okojo, too soon.


Oh come on it’s been more than ten years, we already have comedy skits about the attacks in Paris over there.

Also, it seems my deck lists are doomed never to receive feedback - just memes.



I do not fear your judgement.


I have my own oasis swarm deck for zirix, which is pretty OoM right now.

I can share my list later when I get home


If your plan is to buff minions then i would change siphons with ephimeral shroud (it’s not the end of the world but still, can be useful and it has more dipel range)

Then, i maybe crazy but if you ran moebius putting astral phazing over capitan hank heart and one second wish can actually be a good idea.
(It helps against repulsor beasts and daemonic lures too)

The last touch before restart testing it would be try swapping dominate will with star’s fury (against swarm deck can be a “very moe” finisher)

Seems like a fun deck


Thanks for the advice, will definitely swap the siphons out for ephemerals. I actually swapped Astral out for Hank: he’s my one-man army against Reva.

I’m more of a fan of dominate will but I’ll give fury a try. Thanks for giving actual advice :>


It looks pretty decent.

I guess the 1* Hank Hart and Bone Swarm are here to deal with reva?
How has your removals been working out? All of them seem very conditional. As for minions, how consistent have your openers been? Having only 5 two drops, three of which cannot contest mana tiles, seems a bit risky.

Now, only Moebius: Is it worth running so many health buffs just to have Mob turn them into attack and have your opponent get rid of it by dealing a flimsy 3 damage? For it to be a sticky regenerating threat, you probably need to buff it on two consecutive turns, which might be awkward. Maybe, add a few more Moebius-like minions into the deck just to make the combo more consistent. Sworn Defender perhaps?

Now, for the most important things about this deck; the name and memes. Personally, I think “mob” is a better pet name for moebius than “moe”

  • Add some Psychic Conduits, and the deck is “Mob Psycho”
  • Add Moebius to a Lyonar deck with sundrop elixir and the deck is “Klein Bottle”

Remember, the name of a deck accounts for half of its power. No one can get anywhere with a deck called “Vetruvian 1” :stuck_out_tongue:


Its official name is actually Lost Oasis since so little players use this card, which is easily my favorite in the Vet set.

I’ve been pretty good with openers so far but I admit my luck with RNG is a bit insane. I should have more 2-drops. Sworn Defender was tried and dropped, but maybe I’ll try him again and swap the blastoises away for two of him when trying the new version.

Also, by the gods, I name all of my decks. ‘Yo face’ is always better than ‘Magmar 1’.


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