Vetruvian is back - Zirix Tempo Obelysk to Day 1 Diamond


Well for those of you deploring the sad state of Vetruvian before the Shim’zar release, I have good news.
It is completely 100% back. The below deck has been absolutely cruising through a variety of meta decks today only occasionally encountering trouble against Heal Lyonar and other Vetruvians.
And this is a budget list (kinda) no less. As a 100% free-to-play player I don’t even have copies of Kron yet!

Obelysk Zirix

Scion’s First Wish x3
Dunecaster x3
Ethereal Obelysk x3
Pax x3
Rasha’s Curse x3
Falcius x3
Fireblaze Obelysk x3
Orb Weaver x2
Windstorm Obelysk x3
Allomancer x3
Sworn Sister L’Kian x2
Nimbus x1
Sunset Paragon x2
Aymara Healer x3
Dominate Will x2

Honestly I’m sort of surprised at how well this works. The deck has a 20-2 record so far only losing one game to Heal Lyonar and another to control Vetruvian.
The sample size is admittedly small but any form of Abyssian seems to get pretty much completely destroyed by this as you usually win the game before Obliterate is even a thing and they have no way of efficiently removing your Obelysks.
Songhai needs a very good spell combo draw to have a chance because you simply have too much board presence for them to deal with. The moment they start trying to remove your Obelysks is the moment you know you’ve won the game.
I haven’t played against too much Vanar but that matchup too seems decent. As long as you position your Obelysks properly the deck has a lot of early pressure and Kara simply cannot pump up quickly enough or establish board control.
Somewhat tricky matchups so far seem to be Heal Lyonar (the main reason why Dominate Will is in the deck) as well as Vetruvians with a bigger budget (read, more Nimbus and Kron) although the deck is quite capable of rushing those if their early draws are suboptimal.

Anyway, early days still, I’m sure more counters to this will appear eventually but for now it seems Vetruvian is back in a surprisingly strong position post Shimzar. And this decklist isn’t too heavy on the legendaries if you feel like trying it :slight_smile:


I certainly will try it out. Cool list! Like the use of windstorm and orb weaver


1x Nimbus, is that because it’s a budget deck, or is it intentionally limited to 1?
I mean, if you had more, would you add 'em?


Orb Weaver is actually the one card I’m thinking of changing. This deck plays pretty much on curve every turn and since you generally want Obelysks out on the first turns, Orb Weaver often gets replaced.
Windstorm Obelysk is great though, I’m surprised not more people are using it as it makes Zirix’ Bloodborn spell efficient to the extreme.

And yes, I only have 1 Nimbus :slight_smile: Not entirely sure if I would add more if I had them though. You definitely don’t want to up the curve too much with this deck.
If I had them I would probably remove the Orb Weavers and 1 Aymara (maybe, Aymara is really good in this deck as the opponent has usually burned through their on-hand dispels long before Aymara hits play) and replace them with 1x Nimbus and 2x Kron. Would need to do some testing to see if that disrupts the curve at all but as I’m rarely short of three drops to begin with I suspect not. Then again, I would also be very surprised if Kron doesn’t get nerfed very soon because it’s pretty ridiculous in its current state.


Just wanted to update this since I actually made S-rank with the deck now, ranking in at #47, after making a few changes to the deck, most notably the addition of Hollow Grovekeeper which I find invaluable in the current Kron-dominated meta (not to mention it absolutely hammers Lyonar which can otherwise be tricky).
This is still very much a ‘budget’ list. The only Shimzar legendary is a single Nimbus and that can easily be replaced as I rarely find myself drawing or even using it.

S-rank Tempo Obelysk

3x Scion’s First Wish
3x Dunecaster
3x Ethereal Obelysk
3x Pax
3x Rasha’s Curse
3x Falcius
3x Fireblaze Obelysk
3x Windstorm Obelysk
3x Allomancer
3x Sworn Sister L’Kian
2x Hollow Grovekeeper
1x Nimbus
1x Sunset Paragon
3x Aymara Healer
2x Dominate Will

For those wishing to replace the Nimbus, I recommend another Sunset Paragon. It’s a highly versatile card that fits into the same cost slot and helps a lot in a number of matchups where the lack of dispel in the deck might otherwise hurt you.


Thanks for the update! I’ve been testing out the deck at Gold and having quite a bit of fun. Definitely the first Obelysk deck I’ve tried that feels viable.

I’m still missing Nimbus, 1x Grovekeeper, 1x Rasha’s Curse, and all the Sworn Sisters. Playing some Siphon Energy, Entropic Decay, Pandora, and 1x Circle of Dessication in their place. Sometimes it feels like I’m lacking early -> mid game interaction though. Do you think any other replacements would be better suited there?


The Sworn Sisters are actually really important for that, not having them hurts a lot in the card draw department. I personally don’t run any dispels or spot removal simply because most of it is not tempo efficient or card efficient. That goes pretty much for all the extra cards you’ve included. Entropic Decay and Circle are almost never tempo efficient and Pandora is really too slow for this deck. For this list to do well against what’s out there right now, it really needs to be constantly dictating the tempo of the game. That is not to say you should always be super aggressive with it but rather you should strive to always have greater board presence than your opponent at the end of your turns. To achieve that you have to make plays that don’t just remove your opponents creatures but that also leave you with a presence on the board at the same time. This is why cards like Dominate Will and Grovekeeper (in the current meta) work but Entropic Decay does not.

To that end, I’d try Whisper of the Sands as replacement for some of the cards you mentioned. It makes your Obelysks useful even if they get dispelled and draws a card as well.
Other things you could try are Scion’s Second Wish, Saberspine Tiger or Spelljammer if you have it. The first two offer extra early game pressure while also functioning as emergency removal if necessary (Saberspine being especially good against Reeva Heartseekers) and Spelljammer is just a solid minion overall that would also help your card draw. Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m working on getting the L’Kians. Need those and Kron for quite a few decks.

Circle has actually been an overperformer for me, one of the only cards I’ve found that can buy me back into the game if I have fallen behind on tempo. What you’re saying about the tempo loss of trading 1 for 1 with cards like Entropic Decay makes sense though. I put them in as an emergency escape button against some Magmar decks I was running into, where it felt like if I didn’t deal with something with Grow in the first turn or two, I wouldn’t ever be able to deal with it (unless something Christmaslanded with Dominate Will later).

I’ll try out Whisper of the Sands, and I’ve been trying out Star’s Fury the last few games. Whisper feels like it’ll have a similar issue of not really helping me when I’m behind, but it might do enough at the tipping point that it’ll work. I do have Saberspine and Spelljammer, I’ll try those out. With Spelljammer I feel like my opponents will usually be taking more advantage of it than me, so I was trying out Sojourner first, but I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the feedback, was helpful.