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Vetruvian golem deck


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If you would rather view this from a holistic point of view: the system really should reference cards and their abilities when the cards or abilities are “in play” (and I’ll use the term “in play” loosely here since there can be cards that are exceptions to the rule).

So, why shouldn’t Ghoulie’s effect be “active” when not in play?

I’ll jump to the scariest conclusion, if we had reference every card with its full attributes, you’d have permanent aura-like effects from all minions! Every game would have you under the influence from Grandmaster Zendo if we ever have a card that could generate Zendo “search” it. (And we do!)

Silly Thanatos, just reference things in currently in the deck!

Now you can’t win against Abyssian! Just stack your deck with the likes of Kelaino, Shadowdancer, Stygian Observer would be active under the same ruling. Did any minion die? Well now you just healed and hand buffed just because!

Ghoulie is the exception to our rule for Tribes currently, it being a Minion (primarily, first and foremost) with the nuance that it could be any other minion. Software Engineering is a fickle beast, and while our engineers do their best to keep the odd interactions working as expected, there’s other monsters to consider not bringing into light :upside_down_face:


Thank you for a very elaborate answer. Being close to software engineering myself I can perfectly understand the difficulties that arise here.

Still, from the common player point of view (excuse me for arrogantly assumming the role of an average player) the card works counterintuitively and even contradictory with Sirocco and Sirocco only.

BTW, your “in play” explanation seemingly contradicts the fact that it can be drawn via Cryogenesis.

Still, I do believe it’s not a big gamebreaking problem. If making Sirrocco counteraction work as supposed by me and @cloudfrog will result in an inappropriate amount of work - it’s not as necessary, IMO.

Also, is it completely impossible for a creature to have several tribe tags as of now?


BTW, your “in play” explanation seemingly contradicts the fact that it can be drawn via Cryogenesis

Like I mentioned there are some weird rules for what is considered “in play” (I believe our engis managed to wire it up so it functions as all tribes while in your deck, but not for Sirocco’s search function).

If only we had a magic fix-it wand we could wave around :frowning:

I believe if you could visualize it, it would function much like a dropdown dialogue box (you can only select 1 answer for this slot). Is it completely impossible? By way of Ghoulie, no not at all! Is it impossible to have it on the card (instead of the text “Minion”) - we might be able to change the literal wording of the card but it would not amount to anything without the back-end wiring (so… no? yes? maybe? not easily?)


Gosh darn engis, they’re hooking up to Duelyst now?! You’d think they’d be satisfied with FTL. :roll_eyes:


They were banished by Lanius :stuck_out_tongue:


Noa, I have the most genius solution to this predicament.

Just add this guy. Ez Programming.

for reals tho, I don’t think anyone runs a golem+tribe deck where ghoulie’s effect would matter for the other tribe.

Then again this -is- one extra art art work with 4-5 sets of animation frames so i’m not entirely sure this is viable


:sweat: Oh my why didn’t we just do this before!?


:joy: OMG who did this!? :joy:


I love the fact that it’s a legendary


But Magmar has Ragebinder! Was Magmar destined to be overpowered?


Ghoulie best girl confirmed.

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