Vetruvian golem deck


Golem deck I want to build, kind of expensive but built for midrange.


You can search forum by categories, for instance here, you will have all Vetruvian related ones :

Also, you can check this post from @deathsadvocate plenty efficient Vet decks, here : DeathsAdvocate’s Master Thread: Immortal Vanguard

Finally, you can also use the search engine (top right of forum) and use words like “golem Vet” that may lead to thread like this one : S-Rank Forum Golem Deck: Legend of the Salty Silver Scrub (Someone kill this thread. also add 3 BOA 'cause position vet is meta now)

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This one is a midrange/control deck. Sirroco aside, it’s pretty affordable. if you want it to play less control, and more midrange, just swap some dispels and hard removals for something else. Blazehound and spelljammer probably.


Thanks for making me laugh in a traincar full of strangers, they all think I’m crazy now.


Just a source you can use:


Nah, eccentric is a better description of your…propensities.


It’s still better than knowing the truth :man_shrugging:


hey does anyone know if ghoulie counts as playing a golem for the legend sirocco ?


It doesn’t though I’m not sure if this was intended or just a bug


what mmf said. it doesn’t work. but every other golem interaction works fine with ghoulie


:expressionless: that’s a bummer I just got 2 siroccos I was thinking about trying a golem deck …

thank you I was thinking about crafting them but if they cant work with sirocco i think i would rather save the spirit

idk i am still pretty new to this game would it be worth it to try a vet golem deck or should i just disenchant my 2 siroccos?


I would say go ahead and craft them for Vet since

  1. Golems are mostly rares or commons so they’re fairly budget friendly.

And 2, golem support for vet is mostly ancient bonds so you have a good amount of time to play with them in ladder!

Just don’t go crazy and go with ALL golems because there are some golems put there that just plain suck. It’s better to aim at a midrange set-up where you control the board via Blood of Air or the other Vet options for board control (Totally not referring you to lost in the desert) while slowly building your golem spawns for a sick Sirocco finish.

At that point though, you could just as easily go for a mid-range obelisk deck which is more viable


Golem vet package of at least 2 siroccos, 3 metallurgists, 3 dreamshapers and 3 celebrants can work, then it’s up to you to fill up the deck. If you like to try the archetype, the other components are cheap so maybe keep the siroccos and craft the others. EMP can be added depending on your matches.


Which is odd that it doesn’t work with sirrocco, but it’s not-confirmed to be a bug so…??

What’s the news @ThanatosNoa?


I believe this to deal with the system’s way it looks up cards, in other words this is working as intended, but let me explain why.

If the system queries a card, it pulls up whatever it has on it as constants without reading too much into its (unique) description. What do I mean? It’s probably only reading the following:

Something like: “Ghoulie / Minion / 3 Mana / 3 Attack / 4 Health.” A simple search algorithm/query might even be able to incorporate other constants like simple keywords (Provoke, Flying, Blast, etc [things SILVER can give]).

Nowhere on the simple lookup of Ghoulie does it have the word/tag “Golem” (you can’t even look it up as such) so it skips over the card. This is different from an advanced search in the game where cards are “in play” (which is why you can pull Ghoulie with Cryogenesis, inside your deck Ghoulie is a Vespyr!).

Sirocco is probably doing a simple query of it’s own: out of all the cards played, how many have the Golem tribal? Well, Ghoulie is “just a minion” by default and probably gets skipped over.


Poor Ghoulie :cry:


Could this be a pre-nerf to Golem Vet :sweat:

It’s been @system all along!


@deathsadvocate considers Vetruvian golems to be S-rank, no ghoulies in sight. Take a look at his list.


Idk noa :frowning: code-wise, it IS working as intended. But description-wise, it doesn’t. well, not for me anyway.


Yeah, I agree with this remark. Perfectly understanding why it works like this still doesn’t make it reasonable.