Vetruvian decks for beginners?


Just wondering what a good Vet deck would look like post Shim’zar, curious to hear from any Vet mains out there.


I’d argue that there is no good vetruvian deck for beginners because vetruvian will always be a really expensive faction.


Possibly an aggro deck? I wonder if budget aggro Zirix still exists after iron dervish BBS change.


As a Vet main. I can tell you, Vet is an expensive faction. BUT running cheap rares like pax, and commons like Falcius.

Zirix Aggro? Nah, Midrange Zirix is everything these days.
If you are smart enough you can find vets good cheap cards .

e.g Pax, Falcius, Obelysks, Dominate Will, Siphon, Whisper Of The Sands (Best Card Draw from Shimzar I reckon .)


Still, the best in vet is legendary. As it should be. nimbus is really strong, but maybe not necessary. Obelysks are good!

@Vyv have to agree with you on all that. Pax rly good!


@atd09 No, nimbus is necessary, hail nimbus. Nimbus is the Harambe of the Imperium.


Make Nimbus a common shall we ? x’D


:smiling_imp: plasma storm MUAHAHAHAHA!

But yeah, it’s realllly good in pretty much every vet deck

Edit: strong cards shouldn’t be common


Scions First Wish :wink:

Edit : I was joking :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, Shim’zar finally decided to give vet a curve, so you should probably use that as a starting point. Form the backbone of you deck with:

x2-3 siphon energy
x2-3 scion’s first wish
x3 pax
x3 falcius
x3 Nimbus
x2-3 Aymara healer

From there, you can go in many different directions, from Zoo with Inner Oasis and more low drops, to Obelisk, with fireblaze obelisk and Star’s fury as a finisher, to Aggro, with second wish and more face stuff to Artifact, with… artifacts.


@excogitator Read the title , he/she cannot afford those cards.


This may be an unpopular opinion, but I’d highly recommend putting in Songweavers, especially if you’re low on dust. The +1/+1 effect is really good in Vetruvian to buff a 2/2 Dervish out of range of the enemy general.

Before the release of Shim’zar, Vetruvian didn’t have much of anything good to play in terms of a minion that cost 3 mana, so I put in Songweavers and they really got the job done, even though I am not a budget player.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies guys, I am a bit low on though so maybw when I have the cards.


Falcius, First and Second Wish, Dominate Will are all good cards and Rare or Common. First and last ones are especially good to craft for a beginner since they can cause gamewinning swings. You can fill the rest of your deck with common Neutrals and it’ll work out in lower ranks.

After those though, the big ones are the Legendary Aylmaora and Nimboobs. If you manage to pull them you can throw them in any deck and they’ll make value.

Edit: Oh yeah, how could I forget Pax. He’s a Rare and the best Battlepet by far. Best case scenario, you bait out a dispel on a 2 mana body. Worst case, you get 6/5 stats for 2 mana spread over 3 bodies which is INSANE, and 2 of them synergize with Dunecaster, the 2 Obelysks and any buff you put on them.


Huh, I’ll have to try that out.


Here are two low-Spirit-cost Vetruvian decks for you:

Sisyphus Crispatus - Air support!

Blah Fagis - Knife fight!

Falcius and Pax form the current Vetruvian core. You need to craft those. You can work with what you have for the rest.


Thanks @Sorostaran


here’s my decklist, it’s been fairly successful considering it only has 2 epics and 2 legendaries, and the legendaries are neutral

the deck is missing 3 pax, 3 falcius, and 2 krons because duelystdb still needs shimzar cards. and if you’re new you can replace kron with grincher who is currently bugged but is amazing as well


I made this deck for my friend and he seems to be doing fine with it.