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Vetruvian Card Problem

Hi im not realy new here but have Questions too,it would be nice if someone can answer it.So the thing is ive Use Legendary Neutral Card Reliquarian to Craft a Vetruvian Faction Artifact and then its gets destroyed and i use Metalmeld to get it back equiped but nothing happend i didnt get the Unique Faction Artifact from Metalmeld can someone explain or if possible give me full Spirit to disentchant Reliquarian?

Metalmeld can only bring back actual cards, whereas the artifact from Reliquarian is a token.


But it Work with Skyppy and Autarch Gift and wiki says: A Token is a minion that is summoned by a card effect, rather than from the Action Bar. also why its not written on Reliquarian Except tokens

It works the same way as keeper of the vale. If you can go into your collection and craft the card it can be returned, if not then it will not go into the pool for resurrection.

It’s maybe not super intuitive, but it is what it is.


And nobody will refund you. Discovering things like this is an intended part of the game.

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:sob: ok thanky guys im gonna close the topic now ^^