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VeThief Deck Concept


Inspired by Mindsteal deck thread, I’ve created a Vetruvian deck specialized in stealing enemy card, VeThief.

Main Idea:
Steal/copy enemy strongest unit/spell, and dispel/remove the rest!
Watch full of satisfaction as you crush your enemies with their own weapon :imp:

Staple Card Explanation:

  1. Alcuin Loremaster: Steal last used spell. Really useful in some scenario
  2. Mindwarper: Also useful although a bit unreliable
  3. Mirage Master: The main staple card of this deck. Enemy has Mechazor/Meltdown? Just 4 mana and poof, you got them too! :smiley:
  4. Spelljammer: Just to increase body and card flow
  5. Aymara Healer: Staple at the end game to finish thing quickly/heal general
  6. Nosh-Rak: Enemy deck suck? You can’t copy/steal something worthwhile after 6//7 turn? Well, Nosh-Rak to the rescue!
  7. Physic Conduit: Quite useful in controlling small/range/blast unit (for one turn) anywhere on the board. Rebirth Egg/Deathwish will be yours if you successfully kill controlled unit :slight_smile:
  8. Dominate Will: Nothing satisfy me more than watching enemy buffing the hell one of their unit, and then I steal it right under his nose :smiling_imp:

Advantage: Deck that rely on few strong card (think of Mechazor/Meltdown/Abyssal Juggernaut/etc)

Disadvantage: Basically most swarm deck. Although it’s not possible with the right card draw & clever postioning.

Just using it yesterday and I got around 60% win rate in Gold till now.
Any feedback to make it even better? Maybe other people have tried to run similar themed deck?

Fun Deck: Mimic Sajj - A Tasty deck to eat unaware adventurers
Another way of looking at decks: Hard / Soft

Fun fact, but back in the old days there used to be a competitive midrange Vet deck called Sabotage based around gaining tempo advantages with Zen Rui and Dominate Will. The deck doesn’t work anymore because Zen Rui got nerfed to 6 mana and Dominate Will isn’t particularly good in this meta, but it was a fun deck.

As for you deck, I honestly don’t see how I could make it competitive without cutting out the fun stuff, so I would recommend having some fun and going all out. If you have Zen Rui, try adding Blindscorch and Zen Rui. You can steal any minion with that.


This archetype used to be called Sabotage Vet. By the way, if you use Dominate will on a rush minion you can control it right away (what fun it is to possess that Spectral revenant or buffed Manakantor only to send them right back at their general :smiling_imp:)

Edit @shatteredskys already gave good advice. But if you could find room for a second wish or two, I would certainly add it.


Sabotage Sajj returns! These are fun to play, but difficult to make top tier. I wanna make an Abyssian or Magmar one.


Just a heads up, stealing an abyssal juggernaut only get you a 3/3. That being said, a 7 seven mana 3/3 w/ opening gambit: “destroy a 9/9” doesn’t sound too terrible.


I know Zen Rui, but I think it’s not viable with it’s cost and strange requirement (only affect minion with 2 or less attack??).
With Blindscorch now I understand the proper combo/usage, thanks! :smiley:


Cool! Great to know how it affect rush minion! Rarely encounter them on my turn (they mostly died on their own turn to kill/dispell my unit).
Although I still prefer VeThief/Thievetruvian than Sabo Vet :smiley:


Now that’s interesting. I think I have tried to use Dominate Will on Abyssal Juggernaut and get measly 3/3 unit (just like you said). But stealing Abyssal Juggernaut using Mirage Master, I can still retain it’s attack/health. What gives?

Maybe the developer can confirm if it’s bug or something else that I missed?


I believe it’s because it’s not truly YOUR Abyssal Juggernaut, it’s a copy of his :slight_smile: And his is beefy!


It’s working as intended, I confirm (played this type of deck for some time) :wink:

If it may helps, same thread from 4 months ago :


If ypu do decide to use Blindscorch and Zenruined, see if you can run Primus First so you can attack with a blindscorched and conduited minion, as 0 attack minions can’t attack


I see your point, although this confuse me more.
If I somehow can create more Shadow Creep, do my Abyssal Juggernaut increase it’s power/health, or not affected at all? If the opponent create more SHadow Creep, it doesn’t seem my Abyssal Juggernaut is affected (using Mirage Master) :confused:


Cool! How do it work for you?
Can you reach the top spot with this kind of deck? S Rank maybe? :smiley:


No way, even 4 months ago, meta was too fast for it, imagine today :rolling_eyes:

On a side note, I have to admit I’m far from a grinder, after a couple of loss or when I’m bored, I tend to switch current deck to play something more funny, or to test things, I also do my daily quests when they arise, no matter the division I’m in, the quality of deck for questing or current win streak.

That being said, I think I will be a forever-stuck-in-diamond player :stuck_out_tongue: which is what happened with the deck above. iirc, at this time Reva was dominating the meta with fast direct damage deck, mask and vortex and stuff, pure cancer also Krons everywhere. Oh, and Siphon was nerfed since …

It’s not a “serious” deck, more a goofy one, based on a theme, I used to maintain a dedicated thread here : [OOM] Out Of the Meta (Stupid Decks) Library


I have no idea, but I bet so. Maybe I’ll pull out an Alcuin and test it sometime


It used to be 5 mana and according to a lot of players it was one of the most unhealthy cards in the game. It was in my opinion what kept Obelisk Vet down for so long. Unlike Night Watcher, you could splash Zen Rui into most Midrange decks because it also dealt with stuff outside of Obelisks like Kelaino, Jaxi, Lantern Fox, etc. Vet really can’t deal with you stealing an Obelisk, it’s too much tempo loss for a faction that very few catch up mechanics. Obelisk Vet didn’t start to really gain traction until after its nerf. As for now, I’m mostly recommending mainly because it’s really fun combo when you get it off.


Grincherz recently put out a video on youtube of an updated Sabo-Sajj list, may be worth a peek if you’re interested.


Yepa, there : https://youtu.be/0x0KxI1i1Sg

And deck is

(playing it for 2 weeks … not convinced)

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