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Vet newbie needs help


is this deck is legit? any ideas? thoughts?

it’s the first time i run vet not as a meme.


Well what exactly are you going for with this deck?


oblisks, thought it was obvious.


needs more whispers


Ok, first off, I would cut a Sandswirl Reader and both Gusts. Cut the Second Wishes and one Aymara as well. Add 2 Reassemble, 3 Whispers, and 2 Rasha’s.


felt the star’s furies were abit to out-of-place, what do you think?


Deck looks fine except that it could really use Rasha’s, but if you’re on a budget hey what can ya do.

Whispers is also a phenomenal finisher, but again, you have some good finishers already so the deck is probably fine as is.


Star’s Fury is still a very powerful card, a good finisher and in conjunction with Fireblaze it could outright win games, however it does require your opponent to have a board and to have positioned in a way that makes Fury effective. I would see how well it runs in the deck before swapping it for anything else


stars fury is not great and I wouldn’t reccomend playing it if you have any other options.


You have 3 Aymaras. You’re pretty much set already bud!


I’d remove the nimbus and the readers for 3 whispers and 2 rashas. Also, consider replacing star’s fury for mirage or lost in the desert, as I feel those spells have more impact in the game than fury atm

EDIT: Second wish isn’t that good in obelysk decks. Maybe another 2 drop could replace it


May help : Tips for a silver Vetruvian Deck?


Good as a one-off? Feel it could be useful in very specific scenarios, but it’s not so weak it should be outright cut from the deck


I wouldn’t play it as a 1 off, I’m just not a fan of decks being that inconsistant. As for it being weak I find that it doesn’t do a lot for me, especially as I run into the same people over and over, so it will work once and then never again, and even then the effect isn’t ususally worth it for me. I would rather run something like gust if I need burst.


Man do i look like a silver player to you?


Actually, the first of the month plenty people are silver player :slight_smile:

I posted the thread link because I have my Obleysk deck in it, with few gameplay records and discussion.


It was a joke brother:) i’ve seen your obleysk and took it


I would cut either -2 gust or -2 nimbus for 2 rashas and i would cut the second wishes for whispers. Youre obelisk deck wont need the second wishes to push a lot of damage and whispers has the better synergy with the deck. Otherwise the list is good and will work in this meta especially since you can push strong tempo in the early game and pressure hard which is good against other midrange decks and vet has very efficient answers to midrange threats!


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