Vespyr Vanar stuck on Rank 6


2 days ago I made this deck, and with it I’ve managed to jump from rank 10 to rank 6. But now, it seems that this deck absolutely can’t beat Vetruvian for some reason. Can you guys help me find what’s wrong with this deck ?


If vet is the only bad match up then theres no need to tech against it unless you face it a lot. And besides, you already have 3x chroma and 2x zenrui which shit on vet pretty hard. Just got to keep manage the cards in your hand better.


I would pull out Razorbacks, since you don’t use Jax. If you use it for bonechills, they won’t stick for a turn for this to be useable imo.


if you really need to tech against vet put in at least 2 aspects of the fox. it gives you that uch more chance to draw into removal and the token can be easily frostburned/cryo’ed/bbs and general attacked


For Vet you always want to make sure you have a solution in hand for Amaya/Nimbus.

So far the best solution I find is Hailstone Prison.