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Vespyr "IV Flavored"

Not a Vanar specialist but after a long time away from it, wanted to give a try to Vespyrs.
Went with that and finally realized I just used the new Artifact from IV.

Any inputs, advices ?


I imagine you’d need something for draw, and wouldn’t Wintertide makes sense for this? They die to Rebuke but 3 3/3s for 5 seems worth it in the deck.

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Thanks, maybe I’ll craft some if my tests matches are funny enough to continue :slight_smile:

(Vespyric Call seems enough so far for draw, not real draw, as Corona but it’s ok)

Well - snow chaser - no need, 2 ar max i would put 2 vespirian might instead.
Hydrogarm is a great synetgy with bbs and vespyr - place 2.
Big blue guy - i like him but he’s too slow - replace with frostiva or reliq.
I’m not runnibv chromatic, instead put wintertide -3 of.
Same goes for vespyric call - rng can get you a slow one so no - instead i use burian bear 3 of.
I also don’t run frigid - prefar frostfire instead.

I basically create my synergy around snowman, walls, wintertide - for removel and swarm tactic.
Mobility - iceblade.
All these gives power to vespyrian might.
And animus plate to stick them to the board.

I’m using spell jammer for draw and 3 aos+thunder for removel

Thanks for the input, seems really nice (but 5K Spirit too much nice for now).
I’m saving this one for later, I’ll see what I get from my 10ish weekly orbs :wink:

I’ve been playing around with a Vespyr Animus deck since reaching diamond and even lowly Bonechill Barrieres can become serious threats.

Animus Plate can give disgusting value (esp. if the opponent uses battle pets !) but it depends heavily on having (or being able to create, prior to attacking) a board. But turn 4 lethals are possible, if you manage to build (and keep) a board.

Some experiences:

  • Hydrogarm
    I found it cluncky, replacing it more often than playing it; 5 mana for a 4/4 (because you want to play it on a BBS turn as Kara) is meh, unless you can kill/stun a bunch of minions. More often than not, it will only stun one minion.

  • Vespyrian Might
    Though it can give you surprise lethal (esp. in combination with an Iceblade Dryad), it relies on having a board which can be very hard in the current meta.

  • Wintertide
    Great in combo with Glacial Elemental or with Animus Plate equipped. Otherwise… the placement can be awkward. And Plasma / Rebuke.

  • Draugar Lord
    Too slow, too little impact when it can be played.

My latest experiment:


Lots of fun, crystal can lead to truely massive bursts and is great with good old bear who also got a nice bump from tide. It has an agressive curve with chaser to help with card advantage, solid control, and lots of ways to buff things out of plasma range. This one is less Swarm the board focused and more of if a vespyr lives for a turn you can win out of nowhere.

Add that to the Shim/thunder package and Kara’s mini combo with luminous and it’s been very effective with the limited amount of testing I have put in.

Really hyped to try out the Auroa variant but I can’t afford it currently, and or the bbs spam Swarm variant.

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You should put Crystalline reinforcement for the synergy with the artifact and Kara bbs.

Why arent uou running iceblade For mobility?

Unneeded and underwhelming, blade is just sort of a poor positioning crutch, with good positioning and planning you should never need it.

I would sooner run gravity or corona, but the decks synergy is really tight and I skipped them since it would make things less consistent. With the zoning of tide and luminous(which doubles as an alt win con) I can already manipulate the opponent reallly well.

I need to resurrect my old vespyr deck, sniping stuff with Glacial elemental always feels great.

Odk seems like 85% of my lethals comes from iceblade + buff on vespyr

Needs more leggos

Wouah, I can feel the pro player here, thank you for such wise and argumented advice :wink:



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I may be underestimating it, but I find that you place things pretty aggressively unless it’s magmar, and Magmar has to to come to you. Combine that with good board control and zoning and I just don’t see the need.

I can see the appeal of sort of going for the old school flying displacer placed in the back, but instead with a low priority removal target, it’s very easy to do and you don’t have to plan or position, so it’s a great new player tool for this style of the deck, but once you get the hang of good positioning and zone control I think there are better options.

Although I really want to fit icebreak ambush, I just fear it may be to slow with finality around.

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