Vespyr Faie Decklist


Hi guys. I’m looking for constructive feedback on my Vespyr decklist.


I believe the decklist kinda speaks for itself, but…

Early Game: Use Glacial Elemental + Bonechill Barrier and removal spells to maintain board control while building up an army of Vespyrs and ideally keeping their general on their side of the board.

Late Game: I’m looking to exploit infiltrate as much as possible and combo a minion with Frostfire and/or Wailing Overdrive for lethal damage.

Results Thus Far

I wouldn’t say I am particularly competitive in ladder. I usually bounce around in Gold, but I would love to make it to Diamond with a decklist like this. It has been climbing the ladder quite steadily but I feel a roadblock in my near future so any recommendations are welcome! Thanks in advance. :grin:



Swapped out 2x Shieldmaster for 2x Razorback (more synergy with Voice of the Wind tokens and Bonechill Barrier). Swapped out 2x Frostburn for 2x Aspect of the Fox (offers cheap removal mid to late game and helps compensate for only running 3 dispels in the deck).

I finally hit Diamond this weekend with the changes. I’ve calculated my win rate over the last week to be 75% (mind you those were all in Silver and Gold with a small sample size of only 45 games).Having lots of fun with it so far! Cheers!


Have you tried Vespiric Call? I don’t play Vanar myself but I think it would fit in pretty well.


I managed to open one Vespyric Call upon expansion release, but I haven’t tested it much. I think 2x Vespyric Call could work in this decklist, but I am not sure what would be swapped. I suppose Shieldmaster x2 or Razorback x2 could be swapped, but that would make the mana curve a bit more irregular. I might be more comfortable replacing Aspect of the Fox x2 of Frostburn x2…I’ll consider testing this out though. Thanks for the suggestion!:grinning:


I’m gonna suggest removing the 3 borean Bears for 3 vespyric calls, also removing 1 glacial for 1 more dryad. Maybe cut the ancient grove and draugr lords to add and frostiva or huldra


I started a deck like this just for fun. I’ve since made numerous attempts to make it work “for real” all with little success. The problem I find is that it is highly dependent on getting just the right draw, and also, if you can’t win fairly quickly, most opponents will out-value you with big minions later on.

I’ve tried both Kara and Faie… Faie makes more sense though Kara often works better for some reason.

Thanks for posting your deck. I’ll give it a try and see if it works better.


Imo Kara makes much more sense, as she can make your minions stronger, id rather have a 4/4 dryad then a 3/3 and two face damage


Depends on the composition. I made mine with Kara to start, then realized it was almost 50% spells.

That was too much, though I still am around 1/3 spells, and I know there are games I’d have won with Faie.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll definitely give some of these a try.


Agreed, this strategy requires good prediction of your opponent and adjusting your hand accordingly. I notice tough match ups are usually against Magmar and Vetruvian. It’s definitely much tougher in Diamond, but I am having too much fun with it to abandon the idea yet. :laughing:


As for Kara, I’ve tried running a similar decklist with her and I just didn’t enjoy as much, nor did it I find it to anymore effective. Perhaps I’m just tired of running Kara after these last couple seasons though. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Since it’s the current topic and I wanted to post it somewhere: I set out to make a vespyr deck for Kara.
After writing the thing, I noticed that it became quite bigger than initially intended, so if OP wants to keep his thread clutter-free I’ll just make a new one.

I started out with the Glacial Elemental, but since I didn’t want to run too many spells, I didn’t have Bonechill Barriers, and it found little purchase. So I scrapped it and the whole line of thought, and ended up just going full-on ‘throw stats on the field until your enemy is exhausted and/or you can wombocombo him down with Huldra’. Arctic Displacer, the 10/4 airdrop, was a consideration that I might try out some more later. If it works, it’s hilarious- 10 damage minimum burst with hearthsister, and the dream is the mighty 2 turn 3 cards Displacer+Huldra+Sister or Dryad 20-22dmg wombocombo. But that tends to be overkill at that point, and the displacer is unlikely to survive, so I went with Lord for now.

As for some card rationale: Snow Chaser, Cloaker and Rippler are three solid vespyrs as target for the various buffs. They also tend to generate a lot of value, or draw removals. They also get buffed by Sister Maia, which is a nice stat stick herself. 4/3 Snow Chasers are scary.
The Dryad is a great combo and value tool. Together with the Hearthsisters and Kitties, you tend to have a lot of reach. I often keep this in my starting hand; it also allows me to play silly things like a lone Snowchaser t1 and still have it join the battle and generate value.
I was briefly contemplating cutting the Tigers, but they’re just too good in Kara. Reach, removal, boardcontrol, burn, all the things in one package.
Cryo and the neutral Sword Sister are your main draw cards. They’ve been enough so far, and the latter can get you some tasty cards.
I put in Draugar Lord after removing Displacer, I’ll have to try out both options some more. He’s a fat stat stick, and can easily fly over the map for 10+ burst.
Boundless Courage, or alternatively Frostfire, are pretty versatile tools. They can either help you control the board, or amplify a Huldra combo. Might be cut or reduced to 2, but have been pretty solid so far.
Since I’m greedy and want all the stats, I went with Ephemeral Shroud over Chromatic Cold. However, if I get demolished by Pyromancers some more, this will quickly change.

I’m open for any suggestions, the deck isn’t really finished yet.


Nice decklist there! I feel like it’s still relevant to the original post, since you’re running a lot of Vespyrs. I’ll definitely try a variation of your decklist, when I get tired of having my butt handed to me in Diamond lol. Which tier were most of your games played in? If you don’t mind my asking.


I’m currently rank 8 I think, I’ve been on a ~15 winstreak, stomping my way through Silver and the beginning of gold.
I made some changes by now: first I got Vespyric Call, exchanged it for 1x fox, 1x boundless and 1x maia. It seems to work pretty well, about everything you get is worth playing.
Then I thought about removing Draugar Lord, since I already often get big stuff from either Call or the neutral Sister, and Maia, because it’s somewhat hard to get value from the ability, and she isn’t vespyr herself.
So I’ve decided to try out 2x Glacial Elementals once again, and also exchanged the Maias with Voices of the Wind, as well as exchanging Boundless Courage with Frostfires since I now have even more Vespyrs. I haven’t really tried out this configuration yet, though, I can tell you more tonight. I suspect that I won’t like Glacial all that much once again, and will probably exchange it for more consistency, as in 1x fox and 1x Voice, or something.


I keep seeing these vespyr decks and it always seem like they’re less consistent compared to the typical midrange faie. The synergy and combo potential they have doesn’t seem enough to compensate for the lack of consistency. But then again, I only really played lots of standard midrange faie and never touched vespyr decks so I’m obviously biased. Did anyone here actually play plenty of both decks to make a proper comparison?


Hey there. You make a solid point about the lack of consistency with Vespyr decklists. I played a reasonable amount of midrange faie prior to shim’zar, but I haven’t played any since the expansion’s release. I will have to mess with a standard midrange decklist and see how each perform in meta. I suspect now that I’m competing in Diamond, that the standard midrange faie will outperform the vespyr decklist. There’s also some impressive Wall decklists out there, which I suspect also outperform Vespyr decklists in ladder, but I don’t have Winter’s Wake to making them very good. :laughing: