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Vespyr etimology

Does anyone know what the word “vespyr” actually means? I just assumed it was something to do with polar animals, but google search results and etymological dictionary search results yielded nothing remotely connected to them. There might be a connection to the word “vesper” which means “evening star”, but I don’t see it … Vespyr is also a female name and again, I don’t see a connection with Vanar.

Can anyone shed any light on this? It’s bothering me.


Never fear, your Chief of Communication (wait, did I get fired or something? I can’t remember… so I must still have the job) is here with totally accurate answers straight from the horse’s mouth (the devs, that is)!

“Vanar” comes from the Norse “Vanir,” the fertility gods that live in Vanaheim, one of the nine worlds. Counterplay dropped the fertility part 'cause this isn’t a breeding game and used the Viking land of Scandinavia as inspiration for Vanar’s realm and units.

“Vespyr,” on the other hand, is based on the devs’ favorite movie, Spaceballs: there is a princess named Vespa in it who they thought would make a good goddess for their Norse-inspired religion (the female name also represents the female empowerment of the Vanar… that’s why all three of its Generals are female). The Vespa card is confirmed to be coming out in the next expansion.

Hope this helps! :smiley:


Surprisingly, that actually makes sense :thinking:


The chief should get a raise


Immensely. Thank you.


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