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Vespyr decks as usual


A cheaper and better version in my opinion, winning through position and combo.
Wintertide + bbs follow by amimus plate.
Or board + vesprian might.
Luminous + razorback.
Everything + razorback.

Removel will be elemental + vespyr minions or bonechill or minions.

All and all i’m impressed with how the deck is doing and still try to find place for better cards.

First more advanced version will include more control heavy and vespyr genarator for more impact on vesprian might or animus.
Is it better? On control matchups, the deck is slower and capitlizing on yout opponents mistake and misplays for the dmg chunks.
But i prefer the first version due to more simple gameplan.

These decks are lots of fun.

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Vespyrian relics

What do you think about Wintertide?


Crazy tool, game changer when played right.
Need a good eye for positioning and needs kara bbs.

But when played well it is usually a pressure tank.


I experimented a little bit with Vespyr decks and my general feeling is that they are just too weak to AoE. Since when you lose board control you cannot recover, a single AoE can completely compromise the match…


Well yes, that’s the major problem.
But given that aoe usually require a turn and you build your board somewhat quickly (wintertide, snowchaser, luminous) and buffing is easy aoe is just a bump.
Emp however is not a problem if your board exist, thanks to vespirian might - which is a huge deal.

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