Vespar? Vanpyr? It's Vespyrs, you get the idea


So I really wanted to run Vespyrs in the past but it really didn’t feel like it had the support. With Shimzar, it now feels like a proper deck. I’m still testing out the whole concept but I’ve had some great plays so far and I’m excited to see where it goes.

Decklist (tentative):

Aspect of Fox - x3 (removes bodies and abilities, what’s not to love?)

Snow Chaser - x3 (If you can get them on your opponents end and keep them there these guys are great, especially for Vespyr synergy and VoW)

Vespyric Call - x3 (I’m not set on these yet, but they’ve been useful. The discount coupled with possibly pulling an Ancient Grove is fun)

Chromantic Cold - x3 (I still think this is great removal as it can kill a lot of valuable targets, and get rid of pesky abilities. Also could be used to break artifacts and what not.)

Crystal Cloaker - x2 (I needed a decent 2 drop and with Lightning Blitz this guy can be a decent body. Also, Vespyrs!)

Frostfire - x1 (I’m not sure why this is in here exactly, but it’s won me a couple games now that Iceblade Dryad and Huldra can beef up Vespyrs into face eating monsters)

Lightning Blitz - x2 (I’m testing this out, the only time I got to use it was as more of a repositioning tool after my big bodies got repulsored. It’s random but I ended up winning that turn because my opponent thought they were safe.)

Glacial Elemental - x3 (I think this is a solid minion. With so many Vespyrs and Voice of Wind, I can board wipe peoples’ minions with 1 or 2 of these)

Iceblade Dryad - x3 (YES PLEASE! Oh, were you safe from a repulsed Arctic displacer or Draugar Lord or something, NOT ANYMORE! Combine with huldra for Lulz)

Razorback - x3 (Melt faces that much harder. Not 100% sold on him, but if you drop on with some VoW tokens on the field it can get nasty right quick)

Voice of the Wind - x2 (I really like these guys. The tokens proc Glacial elemental and provide solid 2/2 bodies. With a Razorback they become pretty heavy hitters, and with an Ancient Grove they drop more tokens. Plus a base 4/4 body isn’t the worst thing)

Frostiva - x2 (I haven’t gotten to play more than 1 so far, but I’m really excited for this guy. Procs Glacial elemental, and I just love Forcefield. Throw Huldra and possibly Iceblade Dryad on for a face melting.)

Huldra - x2 (I don’t think you need 3, but these have been my game enders, combined with Iceblade. Celerity is a lot of fun, and with some of the cool Vespyr out there, it’s something I’m going to love even if it doesn’t win me games. Plus, the art is awesome.)

Spirit of the Wild - x2 (Haven’t used it, heard it’s great.)

Aspect of the Mountains - x2 (Good AoE removal and can buff a weak minion of yours into a 5/5 or remove something of your opponents.)

Draugar Lord - x2 (Possibly not necessary but I wanted a 6 drop and with some of the buffs he can get combined with the 4/8 he leaves on death and he seems pretty good to me.

Possible Substitutions -

Draugar Lord for Frosthorn - I’d be giving up board presence and vespyr synergy for potentially huge damage and built in celerity. Eh?

Artifacts - Didn’t really see a reason to run them, this is more of a zoo deck.

Wailing Overdrive - I’ll have to experiment with this, because with Dryad or Huldra this could be a massive damage boost.

Snow Rippler - I really want to like this guy, but the fact that his ability only procs on generals makes him a lot worse.

Other Vanar Staples not in here - I’m sure there’s some optimizing to be done, but for now I was going for face beating Vespyr.

Let me know what you think, any criticisms or advice you’ve got. Sorry for the wall of text and Thanks!


unfortunately frostiva isn’t vespyr so you can’t use huldra and dryadd on it, it’s stll really good though


Good point, I forgot they were vespyr only…


I don’t have aspect of the mountains, do you think frostburn is a viable substitute? Also I would consider -1 razorback +1 frostfire


Frostburn is better for mass removal e.g. wraithlings but AoM is great for getting rid of lets say an Ironcliffe and killing anything around it. I’ll probably do that, I’m going to be tweaking it over the next week or two. So far the only losses I’ve had are to Creep Cass.


When you finish tweaking, I’ll try it out :relaxed:

Definitely has potential, but is the deck going to be more aggro or more midrange? Also which general are you using, Kara I presume?


Sounds good!

I think it’s more mid-range. At least so far a lot of games end with a Dryad/Huldra/Some other vespyr combo. Generally I use the stuff 3 drop and below to keep the board clear and have a big turn or two at the end that does them in. I’ve been using Faie, mostly because I feel like Kara’s BBS is a bit too strong and I like being able to snipe someone if they’re running, or being able to remove an artifact or something.