Variax Variant(Sweet Screenshot)


So, I’m just a scrub in gold, but this is the end result of the variant changes.

I was using Kolos’ original Variax build and found that I was getting beaten more often than I thought I should. Apparently, nearly 50% chance by the time you get to 5 mana isn’t as consistent as I would’ve thought… and that was in Silver… It’s probably because of new season, facing a lot of more experienced players that I was having difficulty.

Moral of the story, I swapped some Cards in, and out. I often had Dark Fire Sacrifice(s) in hand… but Variax was fairly Elusive. In some situations… just didn’t have the complete collection that his deck list recommended. I added a Necrotic Sphere here and there, which has saved my life as often as Light Bender, and even turned the tide HARD in the late game. Giving me 3 or 4 Wraithlings to Infuriate… turning into 4+ 5/5s, commonly. I added some stalpes from my original swam deck, not a huge fan of Keleino in this meta, it’s not bad, but hasn’t proven incredibly useful against some match-ups. I noticed there were NO 5 Mana Drops, so I added some shadow dancers. Where I was missing a few other pieces, I tossed in a Spectral Revenant… and the screenshot posted with this is the aftermath of removing a Vorpal Reaver… That instantly became 8 5/5s.

I often try for the usual DFS + Variax Combo, but I’ve found that this allows me, if the situation calls for it, to Bring out Shadow Dancers for 3 mana(Which has won me the game) or even force concessions against pesky… and skilled, Lyonar Opponents… When Variax isn’t turning up, or the situation just can’t be solved by putting him out on board… Go for the VariOP deck. I’ve found myself playing this more like a typical swarm deck and in the event Variax turns up… I’m ready for it. But if not? I’ve got Shadow Dancers, Vorpal Reavers, and Hard Removal ready. My actual list changes pretty often, but the mainstay is, of course, Triple Variax and Triple Dark Fire Sacrifice. That leaves 34 spots wherein I include the typical swarm staples which, in my opinion, includes Furiosa.

Meme on! If anyone cares to post some awesome deck lists, I’d love to try em out for Variax Variants where Variax is big… But not a one trick!


Maybe retag as [Decklists] or [Abyssian] ?

I mean, the cancer is already massively spread, no need to bring more to [General] :grin:


But… it’s not a deck list? It’s a general discussion with a sweet dreamy meme-shot. ;_;



dont mention the “M” word or else the devs will banish this post to the shadow realm, aka the meme post

personally, i like hybrid decks since it gives you multiple win conditions even if the consistency isnt very good.


Good job my guy, this is a very creative alternative! I really like alternatives, as I have the worst luck with orb opening. But, now that I know about this, I’m probably not going to draw them. Oh well.


Yeah, yeah, sure.


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