Variax Possible Change / New Abyssian Minion Idea


Hi, I’m new to the forums, although I’ve been reading the recent topics on here (and a bit on reddit too).

So I’ve been seeing a lot of talk about variax and how it is broken, especially when ramped out using Darkfire Sacrifice. I’ve seen mostly suggestions about making the effect dispel-able, or have limited charges.

I’m not sure if anyone has already suggested it but what if…Variax had:
Opening Gambit: Your Bloodborn spell now has unlimited uses.

In the late game, it can basically be used as a way to expend all excess mana.
During mid game
Lilithe could use it as a more efficient way to summon wraithlings.
Cass can use it to help remove minions and spread creep faster.

This does feel far weaker however and it’d require mana cost decrease to make it worth it. Or…perhaps just give this to a potential new minion in the future, either way it seemed decent. :confused:

Side Note: Or just change Darkfire Sacrifice so that you can’t stack the effect of multiple copies of it. (eg. you can only gain the effect of 1 Darkfire Sacrifice at a time.)

EDIT: It seems I forgot about furosa making it potentially even worse than in the case of Lilithe…so an additional BBS cost increase would certainly be needed. Perhaps a “Increase cost by 1 for each additional use during this turn” to reduce over spamming of bloodsurge effect.
For Cass, possibly also increase dmg dealt by BBS to compensate.
1st use = 1 mana
2nd use = 2 mana
3rd use = 3 mana
Limit of 3 uses per turn, costing 6 mana.


Although I’m still undecided on the state of Variax, I think this is a super cool idea. I don’t think it would be too broken with Furosa, since the enemy can easily target Furosa, as opposed to having no way to to stop the waves of furious wraithlings. Survive one super Furosa wave, kill Furosa, you’re in the clear. Perhaps it wouldn’t be that easy, but I think this is a super cool idea for a future card!


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