Vanar without vespyr?


Hi, i have The idea to use vanar as Main cause i love all The powerfull dispel and other tricks of their faction. But in My opinion there are few vespyr in The game, what do you think? In The Next updates there Will be more vespyr?

I have only 3 crystal cloaker, 2 Artic displacer and one draguar lord But for The type of deck that i want to create i have The idea to use only crystal cloaker. Is it competitive a vanar deck without vespyr? In this case, frostfire and cryogenesis lost their utility?



The only vespyr that are pretty much ‘must-have’ are crystal cloaker and snow-chaser.


Yeah you can do great stuff without Vespyr’s in the deck. Just put in 1 to cycle if you use Cryogenesis.


The Shimzar expansion had a lot of Vespyr synergies, the most notable being Iceblade Dryad (Give a friendly Vespyr Flying). However, Vespyr synergies aren’t necessities for a Vanar deck. Faie can run a typical aggro deck very well and Kara can outvalue any deck with just a hand full of neutral minions. Running Crystal Cloakers is a good way to get more value out of cryogenesis, but those are the only really important vespyrs.