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Vanar Vanguard Decklists for each General

Are you a Vanar enthusiast? Tired of Wall Vanar? Need something new that you can also ladder with?
You are in the right place. Since beta I’ve felt that Vanar had very interesting themes but never quite had the pieces for some of its mechanics to shine. Immortal Vanguard is the first time I felt that Vanar has the necessary pieces to make use of some of its unused potential.

Infiltrate (Displacement), Faie
High degree of difficulty. Focus on controlling center column first then infiltrate then punish positioning. Movement anticipation when replacing cards is crucial.
Key Cards: Glacial Fissure, Freeblade, Cryptographer

Infiltrate (Overdrive), Faie
Medium difficulty. Less concerned about enemy position, just infiltrate. Buff focus. High burst potential.
Key Cards: Shivers, Wolfraven, Wailing Overdrive

Aurora Swarm, Kara
Easy difficulty. Flood. Careful when/when not to attack.
Key Cards: Glacial Elemental, Wintertide, Animus Plate

Ranged, Ilena
Medium Difficulty. I felt the classic Jax/Razorback win con was most appropriate here. Your stuns if used correctly can stall for a good amount of time even against a stacked board.
Key Cards: Enfeeble, Frigid Corona


Nice decklists!

Eventhough i have some suggestions given that i tried all those arch. For a long while.

Firat decklist is great, the problem is - at 6 mana the enemy genral is usually at your side of the board, frigid will be great in order to stole and prepare for sufficient rhyno.
I would go - 1 build and throw away the artifact instead i would use frigid and gravity wells

Ilena needs guantlet, stun is not enough when you are in plasma storm range, and essence is suprisingly not that efficient, given that you pay 1 mana in order to summon a full mana minion which does not synergies with your deck.

I would use ilena for infeltrate - given the stun + mass stun + rhyno friends.

With kara i would add ordinary walls which are vespyrs and vespirian might, and take out grove - too slow.

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