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Vanar Roulette - Orbo


The idea of the deck was to make some cross faction plays. It does not do that well but I wanted to share some wins I got.

Opponent used cascading rebirth on his dispelled Juggernaut, I followed with Flawless Reflection from Orbo. He surrendered after getting me to 1 with two Tectonic Spikes.

The Xor in my hand is from Essence Sculpt. Songhai minions are from Grimes.

I had to include my opponent’s name for this one, the irony. Got a pretty decent Mantra from Caliggrapher. Thanks Blue Conjurer.

By the way, I don’t know for certain but I seems like I only got Vanar or Neutral legendaries from Orbo.


Orbo pulls only legendaries that you could put in your deck with the current faction you are playing

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