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Vanar Replace deck (advice wanted)


So I haven’t started my climb on ranked this season yet, as I’m bored with my current decks and want to play/try something different. At the moment I feel like playing Vanar the most, so I’ve been looking at what I could make and what ideas are coming up. Which has led me to wanting to play some sort of replace deck. But I’m struggling to round out the deck, as I’m not sure in what direction to go with it. To be fair I’m not even that happy with how its looking at the moment (with just 28 cards), as there are cards that I want to remove as I don’t feel like they are right for the deck but I’m not sure what I would change them out for. So I would like some advice on what cards that I could add in. Keep in mind that I’m not removing Wings of Paradise, White Widow or Theobule as those are what the core idea of the deck is based on.


If you are against going Unlimited mode with Inquisitor Kron or Astral crusader, I don’t think there are any good synergy cards in standard. I don’t think a replace deck can be made, only a vanar deck that benefits from the draw power with some replace synergy sprinkled ontop



  • some more removal (at the very least chromatic cold) is a given. I would recommend 3* chromatic cold and 3* aspect of the fox or bear, if you are feeling cheeky
  • I would replace the crystal cloakers with hearth sisters. Movement / repositioning is too important. If you want to be extra aggressive, keep the cloakers as well.
  • Then, I would add some lategame payoff cards. EMP, Cloudcaller, or Embla can all do some work.

This is false, CCold is kinda meh and is 2 of at best.

But include 3x Hailstone Prison and if you want to 2-3x Aspect of the Bear.


Hailstone Prison is pretty bad in my experience, but I don’t have experience with the Bear. I think Vanar removals are somewhat lackluster in the current meta


Hailstone Prison is the best, it’s a new think that it’s the best. AoB fits this deck.

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So this is the deck I’ve built based on what has been said.

I haven’t put CC in because its not the card that it use to be (pre-nerf) and there are more flexible options.

I decided to keep Cloaker because it is a solid 2 mana card and I haven’t found the need for Hearth Sisters OG.

AoB is a solid card that acts a transformational removal or as some extra damage if I need to change Aethermaster or Araras for a bit more damage.

I agree that the deck does need a late game pay-off but from my first few games a 7+ mana cost minion just comes too late as the game is already decided by then or is too slow. Original had Saberspine Alpha but switch it out for Grimes as it can provide more bodies. Also doesn’t hurt that RNG can win the game from him. I think Cloudcaller could be a good shout, but I don’t own any copies so Grimes is just the filler at the moment. Plus Endless Hunt can act as the late game grind/body blocking that I might need, as well as keeping my hand filled to keep the replace mechanics usable.

Edit: Did go 4-1 with it so far. Probably could have won the game I lost, if I decided to create distance between me and my opponent instead of staying close.


Sorry, but I don’t see any legitimate reason why Hailstone Prison should be good in this meta. There are tons of decks which run small minions and swarm the board, which makes the card sub-optimal in my opinion. It would be much better in a big minions meta.

Can you argue for it?


Removal is actually bad in this meta so the fact that it completely removes it but it’s only temporary is the reason why it’s the best.

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