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Vanar Oak in the Nemeton


Can someone give me tips on how to improve my deck.

Here is my attempt


Your deck is all over the place, if you go voice of the wind - go full vespyr, btw - if you go full vespyr you don’t need oak, you’ll run over everyone much earlier.
Second - use kara, you need sustain, not dmg output.
Third - drop shatter —> put embla instead.

I’ll drop my vanar vespyr deck in here just in case.

@epicflygon see if you can add on it.

now - one important pointer, this is not an efficient vespyr deck, an efficient vespyr deck is better by a long mile, this one is good for oak.
the wincon is oak or vespyr’s + plate to vespyrian might.

you can generate about 7 or 8 tokens.
if you don’t draw your vespyr synergy luminous + razorback is potentially a finisher.

until now vespyr oak is the a stable oak deck yet a normal control vespyr deck is way more harmful


I’d say this deck lacks consistency and power. Cards that seem out of place are replacing cards that actually can see some play, such as Embla or Gravity Well.

  • Voice of the Wind isn’t a viable option in the deck where Vespyrs are extremely limited.
  • Same goes for Frostfire.
  • Fenrir Berserker is a decent card, but it lacks immediate impact.
  • Circulus doesn’t seem too strong when this deck isn’t centered around spells.
  • Running Shatter only for Frigid Corona and Bonechill is extremely irrational.
  • Same goes for running Mirrorim just for the Augur.
  • Circulus and illusions are the only way to proc Kindred Hunter in this deck.

now that you think of it, aurora might be a thing in oak vanar (…what you think?)


That would be a fantastic meme, but maybe it can actually work. Can somebody try it out?


If you want to run Faie, maximize the Warbird output with Cryptographer and Bloodbound Mentor.
If you run Arcanysts, try to include Prismatic illusionist. More tokesn of one Kind is always better.


I’ll try it, it just might be the key to preserve tokens!



By the way, why are you running Grove? Wouldn’t Embla be better?


Well i tried embla, but i didn’t need mytron becuase the embla will be the one killing the opponent.
Grove is more stall and token generation + helps with vesprian might and good with plate

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Do you have vespirian might or reliq or gravity well?


i do have vespirian might but dont have gravity well. should i replace frostfire?


I will give help when I’m not so busy, I will be a bit.


No, replace concealing shroud in my opinion


hi Snowshot, and sorry for use this thread but, i am very interested by your deck full vespyr without oak, i love vespyr but i don’t have any succes with him, so if you can put a awesome decklist that was cool :blush:
thanks you


Yo man, i’ll be happy to help you once i got home.
Tell me if there is any favorite combo of yours.


my favorite combo is the best vespyr combo :stuck_out_tongue:


Enjoy man, it is close enough to the version i used for diamond with a new expansion tweeks.
Hope it’ll work good for you.

If there’s any questions - shoot them at me


thanks you :slight_smile:
i try now!

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