Vanar Lethal Puzzle


Hi guys. I just had a very odd game recently and wanted to share the ending with you. see if you can figure out how to win with this token kara deck


chroma katara hit katara with general use bbs use polarity on owl go face with owl?


Yeah this was pretty easy


You could also get almost lethal from playing fire starter and all the spells, but that’s way more complicated than it needs to be. the tokens arent arcanyst so polarity will not get extra damage from them


Nah, you gotta go for Overkill w/ Firestarter.


Now when the puzzle has been solved by multiple people in various ways, it’s time to make a poll to establish what is the general consensus on the difficulty of the puzzle.

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  • 2 ez lel
  • meh
  • good puzzel
  • little hard
  • im sweating


well, i found out that the tokens aren’t arcanysts, which surprised me. and with firestarter you aren’t guaranteed to spawn all of them in range. Raqyee got it


Actually you are able to do this with firestarter… just you get uber overkill, like @cassador said.

If firestarter is placed behind Kaleos, there’s no spawn incapable of hitting kaleos.
So, Firestsrter, bbs, cc katara, hit katara with general, polarity owl, bring it down for 8 pts of overkill (presuming you hit face with your 2/2 rushes after every spell) :3


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