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Vanar Ilena Stun deck / Some advice?

Hi guys,

Here is my brand new deck, is there something to change ?


Thanks ^^


It’s just kind of weird. Toss Icy, battlepets are unplayable right now. You have every ramp card in the game but a low curve and not much to ramp to and no draw, you’ll definitely be out of cards. You’re playing Thunderhorn without Aspect of Shimzar, and Wailing without Tigers. Deck needs to pick a path

Hum… I thought about a tempo/control deck in this way what should i play to boost the power of my deck?

It’s less about just adding cards to make your deck better and more about deciding what kind of deck it is. Are you going to ramp into Seraphim/Aspect plays? Ramp with walls for Seraphim Reflection? A normal wall deck? Vespyrs/infiltrate?

Right now it’s a bunch of ramp and some good cards all tossed in with no endgame or gameplan. I also feel like Spirit of the Wild is just too situational to run 3x.

I don’t really get what you’re going for here. As mentioned you have an almost unhealthy amount of ramp but nothing to really ramp to. Most of the cards will be fine when played on curve anyway and there aren’t any real combos to ramp to.

Both Shivers and Crystal Wisp could probably be ditched without much impact. You definitely don’t need Flash Freeze , Corona and Icy all together. Frigid is good standalone, Icy is T-Horn bait and Flash Freeze might be overkill. Ilena should be pretty good for reliable stuns.

Some lategame combos like Flawless(as much as I hate it) or maybe Winter’s Wake with some walls would be good as a finisher. Some tougher minions or even card draw like Sojourner or Spelljammer would synergise better with the deck. As it is the curve is way too low to need ramp.

Ok so i changed things and here the new version

deckLandscapeVanar (1)

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Ghost Seraphim looks strangely out of place here, since she can’t get any kind of immediate value or push any kind of lethal save for a turn early winters wake if you generated walls not from embla.

no way to pop luminous charge aside from Wake. maybe something like this? Its not ramp, but I tried to use only cards you posted and rare on down. I like skorn, but I put in Razorback. slower, but burstier

Walls Ilena

Ow well this looks cool but why aspect of shimzar is needed with thunderhorn?

Turn your opponent’s minion into a battlepet, put Thunderhorn in front of it, the battlepet suicides and wipes your opponent’s board. Extremely powerful 6 mana play.

Your deck still has some issues, you don’t need 3 Wailing Overdrive ever and you don’t need it at all without Tigers. You have no opening plays at all now besides Corona and GWell, which isn’t good, you need at least 9 to be consistent and it’s best if they’re minions that can take mana tiles the next turn.

Seraphim is fine here, combos with Frostburn, Luminous, Winter’s Wake…

My advice is wait for the expansion, because stun doesn’t have enough support but will likely have some in a couple weeks.

I prefer Ghost in infiltrate decks. Avalanche and Spirit for some “faster” plays.

That’s a fine personal opinion, but it doesn’t mean it’s bad here.

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