Vanar dying wish deck


I’m pretty new to the game (but familiar with card games) and from the cards I got in these first packs i made this Vanar dying wish deck:

I’ve seen posts about Abyssian dying wish decks, but i thought a Vanar deck would be better because of the Draugar Lord (and because thats what i got in my packs). So, would it be viable? Because i have some spirit and I could craft another Unseven and another Draugar Lord but i dont know if the deck would get me higher in rank. I also want to craft 2 other Dancing Blades. Any other changes? I’ve heard Necroseer is pretty bad, but i think it can be played in this type of deck, and I dont know how good Astral Crusader is. (btw i know Decimus isnt for control decks but i thought its better than a basic golem).


Unseven is a bad card, it’s simply to easy to play around it. Abyss DW decks are based around Lurking Fear where the idea is to sacrifice early game tempo in order to regain back throughout the game by dropping low cost DW minions. That deck is pretty much a gimmick right now and not all that viable.

That being said, I might be blunt but your deck is just plain bad. Vanar supports to DW archetype even less and even if it did support it well your deck is far from it as it barely has any DW synergies in the first place and is generally just filled with random cards you opened from packs.

If I were you, I’d ditch the deck and start again. Find a decent budget deck or two and use them until you get enough of a collection to build real competitive decks. At this point you’re not in position to do that just yet due to your lack of cards.

I’d recommend going for something like this:
It’s a pretty cheap deck and it teaches you some of the basics of vanar faction.

If you want more help regarding the deck building and in general starting out, I’d recommend visiting the official Discord and its “new players” section.


Sorry raqyee is right here, but dont feel bad, everyone makes bad decks, just keep trying :smile:


also, cut down on some of the one-ofs in the deck. if you have 2 or 3 copies of the cards you want you’re more likely to get them


Your deck i terrible but don’t worry everyone starts somewhere. I don’t know the card you have but you can try and go for something like this:

The golems can be replaced when you’ll have better cards but they are alright. Similarly you can replace sojourner for any other card draw of your choice but it’s cheap and works well with solitude.
Oh and definitely craft those Dancing blades, it’s a great card which can fit in almost in any deck.


The advantage of Abyssian with Dying Wish is that you have many ways of killing your own minions, so Unseven etc. isn’t that bad at all.
I love the Abyssian Dying Wish deck I have, maybe you can try that if you’d like :slight_smile:


I knew from the start that my deck is bad :))) thanks for that decks list nibelung, i’ll try it out.


You need more consistency in your deck mate :slight_smile: 1 avalanche is enough, make some space for other necessary cards


Yes, make space for necessary cards by removing the unnecessary cards… which is like half the deck…

Yea you should just start over tbh


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