Vanar dispell deck


From what I saw, there are only a little amount of vanar deck builds in the forum. So I decided to share mine. To me the deck is pretty effective if you like to dispell then attack.
Card missing: - 2x lightning blitz
- 1x vespyric call
- 1x walking overdrive
- 1x white asp
- 2x altered beast
Deck link:


Based on my experience through the forum so far (started a month ago)


it could probably use more 2 drops, but that’s just my opinion, are you a fairly new player? you have lots of singleton cards in there


Not really a new player. I placed it on purpose (the singleton cards)


1- ofs are typically bad because they reduce deck consistency, which is important.


I too like doing single cards, but the general consensus is that it is bad. I just like having variety in my deck though. Makes things more interesting, and you can deal with different situations