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VANAR DECK MILL // diamond or S rank? // advice needed


Hey Guys,

This is my first post to the forum but I already read a lot.
I’m playing since 2016 and I just love combo. This boring meta abuse is not my kind of play-/deckbuild stile so I’m seeking for an S rank combo deck.

That’s why I don’t want to announce my decklist instead of asking for some advice. I tested it on low tier and it works pretty good and I think it is at least a diamond list (I didn’t got the time to play to higher tier since mythron release).
I want it to be more than a meme deck (and there it shines!!! xD)

Its called Jasraelite :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here we go:

So here is the strat:

Win cons:

  1. Deck dead (0 Cards in Deck + Hand. Its hilarious trust me)
  2. Rush/Reactivate with Spirit + Ghost Seraph (+ optional set ups like luminos charge + flawless on top or a sustained board) at least 8 dmg, most likely 16+

First of all, we play high value 2 mana drops just like shroud or mystic to keep the game under control. It’s kind of tricky to overcome huge scalings later on.

We try to scale fast with crystal and malicious wisps to rush Q’orrhlma’a

with Aethermaster we start to build one or another combo in hand.

We try to sustain Seraph with tools like auroraboros or Zureal finish the game with Mnemovore + Ice Age or spirit of the wild (optional: + a few walls and flawless)

core cards:
The wisp’s are mandatory in order to scale quick(er) to skip midgame.

2 mana drops are (except wisp) help don’t lose control to the enemy board to quickly. And Aethermaster is rly important as we don’t draw too much (but also burn too much) to keep hand sufficient.

For that Q’ is a good help and bridge too late which also support card burn (Ice Age might be unnecessary as half of the deck might be gone at this point and Luminous Charge will do the rest). In order to draw the right cards later on its mandatory to get him out once and he is a great body to come up with seraph and Auroraboros.
(Swarm) Meta breaking (think of grand strategos. Jax Truesight last man standing (a good man i know))

try it… rly. Its the funniest way to win to have an enemy with no cards and no hand left^^

no words. he carries the build

Luminous charge
Its just useful card to help your body block, prepare your combo to have a bridge if you stuck in mid-game, or helping you finishing off! The synergies with all situations you might face is just to broad to not (or less) play this card.

I think that’s it for now. I’m curious what you guys think.
Challenge me Ingame (Jasrael) and dont hesitate to copy it (if you can efford the spirit low^^. Vanar player since ever! I have all the shit xD).

Good Luck Have Fun!

Flawless reflection Vanar
OTK 7 Mana // Magmar // Apex Deci Vore

looks like a bad deck, but will probably be good enough to get to s with proper piloting because basically anything works on ladder. If you want advice on how to make it better then I can try to help, although I am not an expert at vanar.


Sure thing!
If you have any advice feel free.
I’d be happy to work on this.

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to me it looks like 5 wincons scrambled in one deck. youl get spirit of the wild + ice age and Mnemovore + reflection and dont have any play. Focus on one strategy with other synergies that work towards that goal but are also second wincons.

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Actually it is only that.
First win con is deck burn (which Ice Age support perfectly)
And second is reflection and spirit which benefit from luminous charge which I mainly use for first win con. So on.

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but then there is also Zurael and Qwertyman which seem odd and dont help at all. i would cut them for more emp and sister. also auroraboros looks weird. Chromatic cold is better than shroud. id cut aethermaster too. consider something like this maybe:

Embla is also just flat out better than ice age imo but you could run it either way.
EDIT: like cmon you ran 12 7-drops. noone runs 12 7-drops
EDIT EDIT i forgot seraphim xD remove the gravity wells and a sentinel for them i guess

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good advice. To be honest, embla really might be a good fit.

Also I understand your concern about the 12 7mana drops.
The idea came from the release of malicious as I saw so many mana tools for vanar.
I ran a game with all of them and found myself 9 mana turn 3 but empty handed. So I tryied to find balance and really, You just need 1 or 2 cards in hand to continue the turns until you reach 7 and hopefully got out Q’ (who also benefits the deck burn and controls your draw).
Than the game is yours because your balance fits and enemy deck wont. And as soon You rech 9 mana its gg with Ice Age and Mn…

Zur and Aurora help to sustain Seraph and board without need of him in hand again (think of it as 5 times Seraph. Hes really mandatory).
But thanks the advice. I consider some changes and test them. But also feel free to test it. Its difficult but works. The balance is very sensetive and its really hard to build the right draw (Aether). But if you manage it its good.

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Any reason for no MDG in a very top heavy deck?

Deck seems like it will fall apart when you don’t find Seraphim.

EMP dispels your walls but I guess having just 1 copy might be fine since EMP is so good.
Zurael doesn’t revive tokens, read as walls.

Since you use Q’ you have no cheap minions.
Auroraboros looks a bit costly to protect one big minion. Can’t be used on same turn as non-Seraphim big minions.
No cheap minions to combo with reflection. Best targets being Luminous and Ice Age. Ice Age being pretty late game.
Mnemovoore kinda again mainly works with Luminous and Ice Age without a swarm of cheap minions.

PS: Deck too costly. Good luck finding testers :stuck_out_tongue: .

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No worrys i test it myself^^
And Seraph is easy with Aethermaster I guess.
EDIT: MDG you dont want to draw in late (doesent get removed by Q)
EDIT EDIT: I know the Zureal and EMP facts. Also Flaweless you use in one turn together with walls (Seraph). Thats why the goal is to sustain Seraph

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i guess embla works with mnemovore too, but im having a hard time getting my head around the question: why deck your opponent out when you can smack them in the face with spirited seraphims and emps or razorback your jax and embla.


like you are waiting to win just to deck them out and win then. I dont think mnemovore is any good except if you really wanna meme around. and i like that but i doubt mill will be meta. Like milling cards as a sideproduct of your plays is a nice thing like in starhorn but as a wincon its too weak. it even is only 2 dmg per turn when they are decked out.

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got your point. Still having hard time to make it a bit more faster to be as effective as the other strats.
But the game is already over if you milled your opponents deck. Because than you play against one hand. The ping idc. But still I got you if you say I could just smash them with all the tools. Thats what Im seeking (and yes… the meme… oh lord I can tell. Its nice to make your enemy WTF like this xD)

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yea i didnt want to bash your deck and ruin the fun sry if i came across like that D:
I can definitely see the fun in decking them out :smiley:

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No worrys I was seeking this kind of comment^^
And without seeing it in action I can understand that its kinda challenging to imagin the mechanics working xD

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Just noticed how “fun” it is to play against :grimacing:.

First you use Malicious Wisp to steal mana.
Then you play Q’ so they can’t play cheap minions with their pitiful mana.
When they finally have enough mana to play big guys the deck has been milled.
Of course watching Faie use BBS is like watching a timed bomb tick.


Wow i never realized qwertyman removed both players 2drops. … wow xD

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Just needs optimization but this is kind of how we go.
Got people milled when they reached 7 mana. Just to draw the right cards is a problem so far (Aethermaster gets really important for this and its mandatory to understand when to hold wich card)

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Thats why he supports the strat and my hand AND hes a bridge for 7 mana AAAND a 6/6 body with no effect left (if not removed turn 7 Seraph and Auroraboros)
EDIT: … or Spirit

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The question for me is, how consistently did you got a good enough hand and draws for the early game, and do you run out of steam too early? How good is your card sustain? You dont need drawing or recycle tools?


Good question which I also ask myself a lot.
Basically you avoid playing multiple cards in one turn (just like 2-3 times a game or smth like is planned).
For that you try to find the right tools with help of Aether and Q’.

I also took fridgid corona in consideration as it also supports spirit when played as opening (one of the best oppenings ever in my oppinion) but i could not find place. Also it wont get removed by Q’ and you don’t want to draw it in late.
But happy to hear advice.


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