Vanar can OTK to!


So with Meldhai otk being all the rage lately, I figured some other factions should get in on the party. A couple weeks ago I shared how Magmar can otk, this week lets do Vanar! (Well it’s Monday somewhere so it may be a day early for most people but eh why not.)

The decks game plan is to use Karas Bbs to buff an Arctic Displacer once or twice, then drop the Displacer in the corner at 6 or 7 mana (which also happens to be just enough time to buff it up at least once with Kara and is enough to cat the other two parts next turn), then next turn drop down both Huldra to give Displacer celerity and use either dryad or hearth sister to send across the map to one turn kill your enemy with a minimum of 22 damage. The other three should be easy to have already done. Or if you got double buff/used dryad it can kill all on its own with maybe one hit from your general.

This deck likes to go all in on its combo rather then just simply running it alongside the usual Kara stuff. Crystal gets the combo going faster, aether helps with consistency+is rude with Kron, the deck makes sure to only run the vespers Displacer/dryad to ensure that you pull them with cryogensis. The rest is just your usual neutral minion Kara set up to help stall/provide an alternate win.

As long as you replace properly and play defensively you almost always have the combo ready to go on time. Even if Displacer gets answered all you need is to hold onto your other combo pieces until you see another Displacer. Alternatively once dryad gets massive from being held onto for so long using Huldra on it can be pretty devastating as well, and it’s rare people will have an answer for it since they will have used them on Displacer+your other nasty threats that Kara puts out like Kron/Primus.

I have tried out white widow in both of the decks. But they really just can’t afford trying to protect her. Your hand gets to cluttered up with holding onto the combo, and until you are ready to OTK you just don’t have the cards to spend protecting something else on the back line, also you often can’t afford to replace something. You need to be controlling the field or dropping other frontline threats.

A card that would probably be quite good for the first two decks is Vespyric Call, solid early game card with the potential to get you an extra Displacer. Currently I do not own it and am not sure what I would want to take out for it. Not usually comfortable with gamble cards.

If you prefer Fae she performs nicely as well. The game plan is the same as the first deck but she favors more of her faction spells over neutral minions. Her BBs lets you whittle down your opponents life to just low enough that Arctic can otk at the same time as the first deck.

And finally the last deck.

Everyone should know my fondness for keeper of the veil by now, and I think it can fit in nicely with the otk Vanars style. I do not actually own gravity or mountain so this one is just theory crafting.

The idea is use walls to survive the early game/abuse with aspect of the mountain. Then it runs the same Otk engine as the first two, but keeper serves as sort of a back up Displacer beast for when it gets answered. Alternatively you can use keeper defensively bringing back your provoke units Kron and Primus. And thanks to all the low cost stuff being walls/spells it won’t mess up keepers summons.

I have made it to S rank for several seasons now, barring some where I was only able to play around 20 games the entire month, even then I was still diamond. Since I have not had time to start streaming like I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff each week and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better when I do eventually get around to it. Check out last weeks post:The golden army


Thats not really an OTK though. You’re building up the damage over a series of turns on the board. OTK tends to refer to a straight kill, or at the least insane amounts of damage, from hand. Otherwise it’s just a combo setup. Just a nitpick, albeit an important one.


Otk refers to killing someone from full health in one turn. And that is exactly what the deck does. Yes unlike meldhai it does require one turn of set up rather then just completly coming out of no where, but that does not change what it is. It’s certainly not a series of turns, you play defensively, drop Artic in a corner, then strait up win regaurdless of their health or board the next turn.

The combo its self actually often does more damage then meldhai tusk boar. That deck usualy needs to whittle your opponents life down a bit. So by your defenition Meldhai is even less of an otk deck then this one.


That is the literal definition, but it hasn’t referred to that in a long time. Otherwise, you could set up an entire board, and that too would technically be an OTK.

Part of the intrinsic aspect of an OTK is that your opponent has extremely limited ways to be able to stop it. Yes, you can drop Arctic in a corner. That doesn’t stop them from dropping a taunt, dispelling it, or outright removing it. On the other hand, Baconrush combo requires preemptive measures to be taken. Unless you have a taunt already down, there is literally nothing you can do to stop it. It’s called an OTK not because it’s literally a ‘one turn kill’, but because it’s ‘one turn to almost certainly kill the opponent’. If you’ve played Hearthstone, that was why the FoN combo was called an OTK, or the Raging Worgen Combo.


Yes a full board can OTK, but just because the stars align and a full board does that does not make it an otk deck.

An otk deck is a deck that consistently OTKs, which this one absolutely does, considering the Kara version can and does it consistently without needing to damage the opponent first it fits the defenition better then meldhai. By your reasoning meldhai is more of a very high burst combo deck.

Really both this and meldhai are both OTK combo decks by any reasonable definition.

I dissagree with you, however we are both entitled to our opinion, but why are you going out of your way to nitpick about something so small? It’s really not constructive at all.

(Side note, dispel and taunt won’t really stop it, only hard removal does.)


This isnt an OTK deck; is a combo deck - OTK is out of hand damage in one turn - thats why the meld combo is played from hand in one turn, no set up required.

People in general are quite specific when it comes to OTK vs combo - similar but not all combo decks are OTK.

Aside from this trivia the deck looks fun and cool, definitely worth a try.



One Turn Kill

Judging by what people say, they think that “setting up a combo to kill an enemy in one turn” means a deck is OTK. That’s nonsense, because technically, every deck is OTK even if it involves using a 1/1 to go face and finish the enemy. :^

Therefore it is impossible to know whether OTK would refer to “Huge damage out of hand in ONE the same turn” or “Set it all up to burst them down in ONE combo-executing turn”, though the former would make more sense.


setting up a board takes multiple turns, leaving the opponent time to react. My definition of OTK is killing the opponent with +20 health without giving them time to react/answer. The only real OTK in the game right now is Dance of memes and Baconator.


What everyone agrees on is an OTK deck consistently kills in one turn from full or at least mostly full, not just getting the final blow.

This deck does not require multiple turns, only a single turn of set up, and only ranged removal slows it down. It does between 20 and 28 damage. With three cards.

Meldhai is stopped by provoke and sometimes bad luck with poor random spawning, and it does between 15 and 20 damage with four cards.

If an OTK is only killing out of hand from full health then neither deck counts. If we count high out of hand burst but not actually an OTK then a deck that does actually OTK but with a single turn of set up that is very hard to stop counts.

So if everyone is going to use this weird warped definition then Dance of Memes is the only OTK deck…

Sigh…why is this still the focus of conversation -.- thought the thread had finally died. Rather sad to see it revived and get right back to nit picking. I could change the stupid name to Combo Vanar and everyone would stop caring, but I am to salty and stubborn to do so. Especialy because everyone compares it to meldhai and says meldhai counts and this does not. Either both does or neither does…and ultimately it’s subjective and opinion based. Can we please just talk about the deck?