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Vanar Arcanyst Destiny

This is a decklist Finleyvc007 and I have whipped up for the new vanar trial and destiny and are looking for input and suggestions.
If you have any please feel free to suggest


More Bonechill than well

Reverse the ratios on those two, well is the good one.

oh yeah i would run 3 gravs if i had them :stuck_out_tongue:

Not running Conju is a mistake.

I had spent whole night and with tm’s help i was able to get a good mythron arca deck running (even thoufh i hate arca decks)

You basically want to lose bonechill for another gravity well.
Lose fire man for razorback as a secondery wilcon.

P.s - this mythron is a pain in the assssss

I’d actually cut a luminous charge for another gravity well.

I do agree but bonechill is more shit.

I don’t think the difference between bonechill and gravity we’ll matters too much in this deck. You care more about having 5 different tokens than having good tokens. And the gravity wells having provoke means your opponent will often HAVE to kill them, but bonechill doesn’t have provoke so it survives more. So at least in theory, I’m pro bonechill in this deck.

Luminos + razorback is a finisher and with mini jax on board it’s a bye bye

You want to stall to be able to create more tokenz, otherwise you will have to create tokens while your opponent pressuring you

Thanks guys I shall adjust accordingly!

Is it worth it to run Circulus in here? I know pings are more common than ever, but good old Circulus gives you tokens, and syngergizes with your 16 spells, two of which are recursive. I might recommend White Asp to kill Thunderhorn, but that’s only for unlimited.

You have Sajj pretty much countered, but Faie and Brome can be an issue. Faie can steal your Mana and get their lategame out before you, and Brome could overrun you due to lack of AOE outside of Luminous Charge. I recommend some tech choices, such as Frostburn to deal with Brome (unless you want to fight him like a coward), and Malicious Wisp (aka worst girl) to match Faie

yeah i do like the choice of frostburn as i do regularly get screwed over by brome but there isn’t really anything id like to sub out for circulus as i already have illusion generation from the prismatic illusionists.

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