Vanar Aggro/Control(?) - Breaking Gold


Hey Guys, I used this deck to hit gold, but I find myself stuck at rank 10/9.
It’s designed around weapons and force fields, with a couple clears.
Are there any changes I need to make, or is this deck archetype totally trash?



This is an example of a more or less well optimized aggro vanar deck. It’s probably the simplest variation of the archetype.

The idea behind aggro decks is to make them extremely consistent when it comes to outputting damage and this one showcases it well. Your deck is basically one big mess with no clear goal and that’s why you’re struggling with it. Consider giving this one a shot and see how it fares compared to yours. If you don’t have Arakis replace them for something like Snowpiercer and 2x Icy/Wings + Naga/whatever that deals damage.

Here is another example if you want more insight. It’s a more complex and expensive variation of it. Other than that, I don’t know much about it:


That makes a lot of sense, especially since my deck lacks clear consistency.
Nice to know I’m also running a variation of tempo argeon.

I’ll definitely try to give those decks a spin and see how it goes.


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