Valknu's Seal Bugged?


In a gauntlet run I picked up valknu’s seal and whenever the egg hatched I crashed out of the game. The first game this happened on I rejoined but the game had hung with me and my opponent only able to emote at each other. I tried conceding but the game remained frozen. I rebooted duelyst and declined to rejoined the game in progress which allow me to start a new game. In two more games i crashed out when the egg hatched but on rejoining the copy had my general’s toughness but not his power these games did not freeze and proceeded normally post crash.
I haven’t tried in other game modes.

tldr: The egg from Valknu’s seal boots me from the games and doesn’t copy my general’s power in gauntlet.

What have others’ experiences been.

Added details.
The game that froze egg morph was used to hatch the egg while the countdown timer was running. The other games he hatched normal at start of turn.