Valknu meta - best meta?


Soooooooo I returned after a short break and tried Valknu’s seal…
90% of the time it’s trash (who would have thought), but sometimes, sometimes you can do this:

Still not that great but it’s something I guess.
If anyone wants the decklist I can upload it but I don’t think there is a point in doing that.


Of all the generals, I would expect Cassyva to have the easiest time answering the eggs. How did it come to this?


Valknu into Inceptor and then Valknu into Egg Morph.


Now I just want to pull out triple Valknu.
Maybe Fractal Replication… What do you guys think? Is this possible in a normal game?


Nope XD jokes apart, I would love to see Valknu work and I plan to test it myself. Unfortunately, still at rank 8 this month, so I may want to hit Diamond before going full meme. (At which rank were you testing this?)


I haven’t played since last season so I’m still in gold, so maybe that’s why it works.


Have you tried using Valknu’s seal with the Morin-Khur equipped? It sounds nice if your opponent will let you keep it for one turn.


i think valknu seal as a whole should be changed, the fact that it can be removed with hard removal is just stupid, it makes it as if this card was made for a joke.

Valknu seal 4 mana spell
summon an egg that will hatch into a copy of your general
the egg cannot be forcibly hatched

the copy of your general can only be targeted with spells that can target general.

probably broken but i’d much rather have that than a card that were made for humor.


Upload the deck please, I haven’t seen magmar deck with meltdown yet.


Wut? I haven’t played a single magmar deck WITHOUT Meltdown since Bloodborn came out lol.
I’m using an adapted version of Shimakaze-kun which is a different version of MagmArtillery.


You’re right I ve seen this one before. Absolutely forgot about it. Seems like lot of fun.:smiley:


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