Vaath's MagmArtillery Squad


Ever want to burn your opponent down, but dislike aggro? Then try this out.
Tremor is terrible. I was testing it but forgot to take it out of the final build. Just about any other card would be better in this slot. Had this idea in the past but the introduction of Meltdown made this deck several times better. I was originally just running Unstable Leviathans but those things are way to unreliable. They can hit your own General or even themselves. Meltdown if played with BBS, only costs 1 more, deals 3 more damage, instantly damages, and is incapable of friendly fire.

At the start of my next turn, I had 14 Dmg of Artillery burst ready. 18 if Leviathan hit the enemy, and if he tried to get closer to dispel anything he would have been smacked in the face by all 3 of my giant monsters lol.

Anyway, gameplan is just to stall stall stall until the late late late game when your opponent has run out of answers. Magmar has extremely potent control and healing options available and Alcuin Loremaster lets you do even more. In the screenshot above, I wanna say I healed around 30 HP or so by chaining Earthsphere/Alcuin and Emerald Rejuvenators. (3x Earthsphere- 24, 2x Emerald- 8=32 HP)

Deck is fun but extremely unreliable. If you like Meltdown, don’t try Leviathan you will only be disappointed.

Daily User Submitted Challenge #01 | Win w/ Unstable Leviathan COMPLETE!
Valknu meta - best meta?
Amazing deck man I will try it ASAP

I love Meltdown, seriously. Kind of slow but still one of my favourite cards in the game. Like you said Leviathan is pretty bad just as Tremor is.
I don’t really like Emerald but maybe I will give him(her?) a tenth chance. To be honest I think replacing Leviathan with Cartographer might be a good idea.
Here’s my version which tries to abuse BBS to a maximum.

Oh and I called it “Shimakaze-kun” if you know what I mean…
Edit: this deck is fun as hell, right now it has 100% winrate (ok I died once to a Decimus into double gaze but it doesn’t count ok) and Meltdown won me every single one of those 3 games.


Way to much being imo at the very least emerald. Rejuvenator could go. Unstable leviathan is just a power house threat they have to completely get rid of. I’m surprised to u don’t have flash reincarnate.

Oh and entropic gaze 4 damage draw a card is awesome.


@persona0 Leviathan will hardly ever hit the board, also about Gaze:


Really creative deck @BlankTrack. I’ll try it out when spirit is more readily available.


I like where this is going. I would add Fractal Replication for triple Meltdown madness. I would also put in Drogon and maybe Sunsteel just to justify Fractal Replication.


Cartographer is definitely something I overlooked. I like Rejuv but that is just because I like to play the hard opposite of aggro so playing a game where both generals have 37 HP is preferable


Aw man, that would be sooo sick. Most of the time they concede after you play Meltdown but on the off chance someone thinks they can still win it would be so worth it. Gonna give it a shot


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