Vaath the Senile Librarian V2


Just hit Diamond for the first time! Super happy about it. This is V2.4 after a little bit of testing. If you want to see earlier versions, let me know.

[Budget Version]

Other options include: Thumping Wave, Healing Mystic, Ephemeral Shroud, Gro, Young Silithar, Spirit Harvester, Dancing Blades,
Makantors are necessary, you can’t play Magmar without them. If you are missing them, then I would recommend crafting ASAP.


This deck idea started out as a joke, but has evolved into my laddering deck. I have been toying the concept for about 2 weeks now, and I realized that I do better with this then my Lyonar Main. I usually push up to a ranking break point, then try to come up with ridiculous ideas and try my hardest to make them work. This is my most successful creation as of yet.

Vaath the Librarian V1(Posted about a week ago) was more minion based trying to squeeze out extra value from Diretide Frenzy and Thumping Wave, but Vaath the Senile Librarian V2 only runs minions that contribute to stalling out the game, or doing cheesy things that players will never be able expect let alone to play around. There is not a single spell that effects your own minions.

This is an extremely late game oriented control deck. You will want to stall, stall and you will out value your opponent. This deck has such a late curve that you will not run out of cards ever. The only card draws are Alcuin and Grincher.

Against extremely aggressive aggro decks you will have a very hard time and you will have to rely on your draw a little bit more than normal. Partially inspired by the “No 2 Drop Magmar” that was floating around a couple months ago.

Card Choices

Spell Modifiers-

Alcuin Lore Master lets you get more of what you want. Copy more healing if you need it. Copy Egg Morphs if you think you will need it. This way, you can choose what spells you are adding to your hand, and you can avoid having to replace as many dead cards that aren’t good in the matchup.

Abjuducator helps you combo your wonky spells together better. You can copy yours and your opponents BBS, and reduce the cost of the BBS spell that is resting in your action bar.


Removal Spells- You have extremely strong removal(Nat Selection, Egg Morph, Plasma Storm, ~Dampening Wave~)~means situational, but can act as removal~

Pretty straight foward, not much to explain. Copy spells you want more of.

Removal Minions- Makantor, Bone Reaper(Underated card IMO), Skorn.

~Unstable Leviathan~(This card is really fun, but I think there are better choices. The only reason I put it in, is because you are 90% more likely to have less minions on the board then your opponent. 11/11 is also extremely scary, and if you eat a few damage procs off of it, you are likely to be able to heal back up. If they dispel it, it is honestly a good thing. They NEED to destroy it or it will kill them.)

I would consider adding 1 or 2 Metamorphosis, but I have yet to craft them.

Healing- Emerald Rejuvenator is actually really good in this deck. Yeah, you also heal your opponent, but the plan with this deck is to stall as long as you possibly can. Often times your opponent will hesitate trading into it with your general which means you have more board control. Any damage that they put onto the Rejuv is damage not on your face.

Earth Sphere fills the same purpose, but you heal for twice as much without leaving a body on the field.

Utility/Other- Silhouette Tracer is for surprising the enemy general with lethal. You can use it to jump over enemy minions, escape provoke, or simply just move you 3 extra spaces. 5 Movement is a lot. Even if your opponent expected it, chances are they won’t be able to play around it.

Dampening Wave is extremely underrated. Or maybe it is only good in this type of deck. Large threats that will do a buttload of damage to you if you have to trade into(Remember Vaath BBS) will do nothing to you. It acts somewhat similar to an on demand forcefield. The first example that comes to mind, is 9/7 Chakri Avatars/Killing Edge. 0 Mana 9 heal. Also pairs well with Makantor. This is a Mid or Lategame card. Replace early game.

Burst- Bounded LifeForce and Adamantite Claws are the only burst in the deck. You will regularly have 8+ Stacks of BBS by the time the game is over though. As long as you don’t get dispelled too many times.

Tips for those interested-

Replace for the following opening cards. Abjuducator, Skorn, Natural selection, Emerald Rejub, Plasma Storm. If you can get an Egg Morph, Makantor, Grincher, or Earthsphere it might be worth holding on to them.

Most of the time you will want to play Abjuducator or Skron early on in the game. Alcuin is more of a mid/lategame customizable card generator. Early game your hand will be too flooded and you WILL overdraw 99% if you play Alucin. Abjuducator for midgame power/reduction, skorn for instant impact on the board.

Try to focus on denying mana tiles. Realistically, you will at most get 1. Sometimes you don’t get any. If the opportunity arises, they can be a good way to get an extra BBS or early Abjuducator+ Nat Selection in.

You will be trading extremely aggressively for board control. Always try to get the healing from Emerald Rejuv. Even if they are healing for more than you it is still worth it. If they are at full HP and you get the full heal even better(Aggro Songhai) If you can get 1 Rejuv and 2 Earthspheres off(Extremely common) that is 20 HP gained. 3 Rejuvs + 9 Earth Sphere(3x Hailstone Prison) = 84 HP. My new goal.

Try to get your ATK up to 4 or 5 as soon as possible. This is the sweet spot when generals are afraid to trade with you and you can kill almost all minions commonly played. Consider copying your BBS with Alcuin if you need more attack to trade up into a minion.

Grincher is either extremely strong or free card draw with a decent body. Wildfire Ankh, Cyclone Mask, Mask of Shadows will generate enough value that you will usually win the game. The opponent can’t play around the weapons because they don’t know what you got.


Well, that is everything I could think of, if anyone has any questions, suggestions, flaming, advice, or all of the above, please let me know. If people are interested I can go in detail about matchups(I was very suprised how several matchups turned out)

One thing I am asking for suggestions specifically on is how to make the curve slightly lower, while sticking to the theme of the deck. If I don’t draw into Abj early/mid, I usually end up overdrawing 1 or 2 cards. If anyone has any card choices that I might have overlooked please fill me in.

Thanks for reading, give the deck a shot if you want to try something new!

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Why don’t you have any cards to play t1 p1?


I have a question, you mention the lategame a lot and that this deck really shines there.

What exactly is the lategame win-condition of this deck? How does it function in the lategame?


I posted on the last one. I never got around to building the deck, but if we are going more dedicated control with vath as the win con here is my take:


Turn one plays are over rated, I often get away with very few or none in my control mag lists. Although I think he is missing a couple staple 2 costs like shroud for this deck.

Vath is often all the late game win con you really need. Between powering up, and bounded life force your in usually good shape. He is also trying to gamble with grincher to give Vath range which is quite deadly late game.


Wow really intrigued, love the late control, and not soo expensive as other list/factions, indeed another control list in my to do list!


very nice out of the box deck.

No legendaries? not sure if you are trying to keep it budget otherwise:

  1. Chrysalis Burst and Lava lance combo
    With Abjudicator you can reduce Burst to 3 and Lance to 0 meaning you can cast Burst and deal 4 damage to eliminate any (or most) enemy minions so that they need to rely on a AOE spell to kill all the eggs. To make sure you can even cast at 6mana with Loremaster to copy Burst for another turn of burst. Another turn of Burst can be game ending if the opponent used a AOE spell last turn and have no minions on board.

2.Red Synja instead of Leviathan
Since you going face and so much healing i would really think Red has more synergy with your deck.

Replacement suggestion:

  1. Healing mystic instead of Emeral Rejunenator. Not too sure how does it compare but at least you have some 2 drops?
  2. Thumping Wave instead of Egg Morph. With Vaath and healing i think you can afford to give opponent a 3/3 pet for 1 mana less removal.


I was matched against you yesterday playing the deck. It sure caught me off guard by a little bit. If I were personally to run control magmar it would be vastly different from this so I won’t make any suggestions as it would basically mean linking a whole another deck which kind of ruins the purpose. Whatever works for you.


Yeah, like I said started out as a joke. Wanted to go for a complete late game focus, but it ended up working much better than I had intended. Not playing anything on the first turn isn’t as bad as you would think. You have plenty of removal, and you can usually get at least 2 or 3 cards out with your first plasma storm.


The lategame your win condition is your BBS, maybe with an Adamantite Claws or a Bounded Lifeforce. You just draw out the game until your opponent is topdecking, then attack them 2 or 3 times and kill them from full HP


Yep, took me a while to get used to that in your deck. :slight_smile:

I am now also playing another control deck that has no low drops and is usually entirely reactive for the first few turns. In fact it often plays “rope-a-dope” by retreating and playing defensively for a few turns until it’s time to drop the hammer. This is risky of course and can backfire miserably. It’s definitely very different for Duelyst where things are usually fast and aggressive.

OP, your deck is quite interesting and being on a Magmar kick of late I definitely want to try it, though I am not sure at all how to play it! :slight_smile:

(Why Leviathan over other possible big 7-drops? And no Thumping?)


The following observations is all stuff relevant to my playstyle. I realize that venturing closer towards your deck would most likely be more viable, but I like doing things that are different.(I guess I am a hipster, I just dont identify as one.)

Thumping waves is great, but I just don’t have enough minions to make it work. The other forms of removal cover more than enough. Makantor would be great with it, but that is the only minion with any strong synergy.

Shroud is a necessity in pretty much any class without strong dispel(even then 1 or 2 is good) but I don’t think this deck needs it. Nat Selection, Plasma Strom, Dampening Wave remove “on hit” minions (Lantern Fox/Nimbus). Egg Morph removes anything for free. Can be slightly hard to pop eggs without minion prescence(Skorn helps) High General Attack also prevents more than 1 “on hit” card generation.

I tried twilight sorcerer, but I don’t like the random aspect of it. Sometimes it is super good, but if you get a crappy spell, that is a lot of Mana to invest in an already high curved deck.


Its a blast man. I don’t think it is too expensive(as far as control goes) and if you are missing any cards let me know and I can tell you what I would swap them out for.


I considered 1 or 2 Chrysalis Burst, but I decided not to. After your explanation it is definitely something I need to try. I over valued having board prescence early game thinking it would be too easy for them to burst eggs without body blocking. This is also a card that would give me more cards to play early game, slightly lowering my curve.

Also, hadn’t thought of Lava Lance. Even without egg synergy, it might be good to have a few tickle spells for removal.

I am honestly suprised I don’t have any legendaries in there. Red Synja sounds like an excellent idea. Like literally better than Leviathian in everyway lol.

I really like Emerald Rejuv. It is a decent body, and I couldn’t care less about healing my opponent until the last 4 or 5 turns of the game. Also it doesn’t die to plasma storm. Healing mystic would likely be a better choice(WAAAY to many 4 drops) but I think ill stick with Rejuv

Thumping wave was something I reluctantly cut. It doesn’t remove provoke until the end of your turn which makes it very hard to run away/chase. Compared to Egg Morph trading 1 mana for losing 3 health is super rough against Aggro decks, but against control/midrange it would be super useful. I am considering adding 1 or 2 or them.

Thanks for the suggestions. I think I have enough Spirit to craft a Synja or 2, and maybe a Chrysalis Burst as well. How many would you suggest I throw in there? I knew that Leviathan was not the right choice, but I just wanted some type of lategame canon in there.


Yeah I remember the match, gg.


The couple games you are playing you are gonna be like wooow this game is over already. Then you will realize that it is 9 mana and you have a 4 cards hand with 20 HP against your opponent topdecking with 20 HP. It takes getting used to, but it is honestly a pretty decent deck.

Thumping wave was something I reluctantly cut. The only good buffing target is Makantor. It doesn’t remove provoke until the end of your turn which makes it very hard to run away/chase. Compared to Egg Morph trading 1 mana for losing 3 health is super rough against Aggro decks, but against control/midrange it would be super useful. I am considering adding 1 or 2 or them.

Leviathan is now out, gonna replace with Red Synja. Considering also adding Chrysalis Burst/Lava Lance.


Well I’ve tried this a couple of times now. Maybe it’s my lack of experience but it hasn’t worked out very well. It’s extremely slow but doesn’t have as much hard removal as other control decks. (Not a fan of Dampening Wave which is very situational.) It also seems extremely variable depending on whether you pull the arcanysts or not. I may be missing something, and admittedly small sample size, but I’ve gotten blown out by a Vet and a Lyonar in the couple of games I tried and those should be decent matchips here.

BTW Thumping is there for a finisher if you get lucky, but mostly it is removal, think of it as a 2-mana Aspect of the Fox that makes the target into a stupid fox.

Red Synja seems better for the 7-mana.


Yeah Red Synja is going in there 100%. Definitely better than Leviathan. I think I am going to add in 2 Thumping Waves. I know it is one of Magmars power cards, so Ill give it another shot.


How do you deal with dispel on Vaath though?


What about Mandrake how would that work in your deck?