Vaath the Immortal Librarian


Here is the decklist:

I have swapped out 2 Tigers and 1 Diretide Frenzy for 3x Elucidator.

Magmar has some very powerful, but situational spells. I wanted to try out a super Thumping Wave deck so I tried running Loremasters.

(Tiger->Thump->Thump 9 Mana 13 Damage)
(Makantor->Thump 9 Mana 8 Damage Frenzy)

Turns out it works well with other cards too.

If you are playing against aggro consider copying your Earth Spheres. This deck has strong comeback mechanisms, so it isn’t all to hard to reset back to neutral after the initial barrage of damage.

Against Lyonar, copy Egg Morph for those Divine Bond candidates. Also works well against Vet(Aymara Healer/Nimbus)

If you think you can end the game in a few turns with a 10 Damage Burst, copy a Thump/Greater Fortitude to put on a Rush, or a minion that they haven’t cleared. Ironically, my Alcuin Loremasters are rarely priorized for clearing, and having 3 base attack they are good for lethal/ bursting down a provoke minion.

Plasma Storm can be copied as well, but you usually won’t want to be playing more than 1 or maybe 2 in a match. Most of your minions will survive the plasma storm, and if you have one that is too weak, you could possibly buff it up to 4 ATK so that it survives. If they will not survive, make sure you trade them in before they die to storm.(Primus will die, usually not worth buffing. Purgatos is worth investing into if he has targets to swing into. Eggmorph and Diretide Frenzy work extremely well with Purgatos. Gro will survive plasma after just 2 Grow Effects. Generally your opponent will have commited resources to take him out before you can cast storm though.)

Don’t forget you can copy BBS(yours or theirs), as well as any spell that your opponent casted last.(Cryogenesis/Afterblaze/Killing Edge/Dark Transformation, etc…)

I also really like Diretide Frenzy, and yes I know it isn’t too popular of a card, but I usually include it in my lists. Diretide + Purgatos is super fun, and people generally do not play around Tiger + Diretide on 5 Mana, as they are expecting you to play Makantor on 6. This deck has very strong single target removal(Egg Morph, Thump, Vaath BBS Attack) and Diretide helps you clear smaller weaker minions that you don’t want to waste your powerful attacks on.

Thanks for reading, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know as to what you would change. I haven’t been playing very much since the start of the season, BUT, I have had moderate success against players using what seemed like decent decks.(6 Wins/2 Losses)


Oh man that’s cool. I am inspired. I love Mags spell kit. I may go all out and make a Battle Mage Vath deck. I will post my theory craft deck shortly.


Alright here is What I put together.

Loosely based on a combination between your list and my Keeper Magmar. But it is much more of a throw back to my older vath control lists.

I just like the idea of copying all the cool spells mainly his bloodborn and earth sphere to make it into a weird spell based solo vath.

I also like dire tide but even with running all the rush units idk since the deck is quite unit light already, and between Plasma, Mank, and Harvestor+Metamorph (which I run instead of egg) it has decent aoe already. Is still a fine choice, more so for yours since you have more units. But I highly recommend at least finding a spot for Elucidator if your going to run frenzy.


Made some edits, mainly the old Harvestor+Meta trick. Sorry for spamming your thread, just thought you had a cool idea.


Huh, I hadn’t thought of trying Twighlight Guy. I have 3 copies of him already. Elucidator seem like an obvious include. Not sure how I missed that one…

I however, do not like Lightbender 1 bit with Vaath. Most of the time you are forced to dispel yourself or one of your many minions that have effects.

As for the edits, I don’t mind. The more discussion the better.

I unfortunately don’t have any Metas, but I thought that Skorn+Meta was the way to go now? How come you go for Harvestor?


Skorn+meta is 9 mana, rough. Harvestor can be dropped the turn before. I run the two lightbenders so we don’t autoloose to creep. But they could just as easily be eggs.

Skorn is a great card, but I am old school and love finding an excuse to fit Harvestor.


Here are two lists that are close to yours. First one works well with frenzy but does not have plasma,

Second one gets to fit plasma and sorcerer

These are probably more solid then my Meta+Harvestor version anyways, I just jumped on the oppurtunity to throw that old combo back into a deck.

The frenzy list, while not as thematic as the sorcerer list, is very well rounded. Without meta or Lightbender you do need an answer for Mech. Shroud fills this niche and outperforms Gro. Gro, while amazing, is filling up space and does not really work with frenzy. I know it does not include flash which is almost a crime. But it has a low curve and very little draw so flash may be more harmful then good.

You can prob deal with creep by rushing her down and or earth spheres Instead of teching bender. Shroud, thump, and egg have you covered on dispel.


Very creative. Thanks for the cool deck idea! :slight_smile: