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Vaath the HERO we deserve


Maybe you’re right, but I’m not ready to tinker with a working deck for a faction I never seriously played before.


If the deck works I absolutely agree that it’s most probably the right card. I just can’t see it and that was the reason to ask.
A win has not more value if you win with 20 health left instead of 1 health left. So…
(Edit: If the healing is really needed I’d always ever play Mystic instead.)


Had only one situation when my Herald was impossible to trade in to get NS work, though I agree on the countersynergy theoretically.


Edited my post and the edit is meant “when playing NS” of course .


(sry for slight off-topic): Mag has always been my “second faction” (although I still have only one ribbon). With no new expansion happening soon, the time is nearing when I’ll really start giving lizards the meme treatment :stuck_out_tongue: I think it’s no coincidence that often people who play a lot of Abyss enjoy Magmar as well, the factions maybe balance each other out nicely.


Great that it is so successful for you and also brings you joy! What more do you want?

How did the claws work out for you?


I want to know about the claws too @alplod


@boronian, @panouil, claws are good at times to outaggro aggro, but I find scales more generally useful. Never managed to pull claws/ Drogon combo though.

Actually, some decks can’t recover from claws damage, and they’re quite good as a cheap finisher sometimes. All in all, 2 off seems enough.


Interesting! Do you miss Flash for flashy (sorry for the pun!) combos? :slight_smile:


Truly, your questions are confusing. You talk to me like I am an experienced Magmar player.

I don’t miss anything! I just go forward and smash, being happy like an infant :slight_smile:

Actually, I rarely use Drogon as a finisher. I just burst when I can. Drogon at 4 attack is enough for me, so I don’t think I miss flash. I’m generally not aiming for insane burst, I just try to consistently hit enemy with slowly increasing attack.

You may say that I play the deck in the same way I would play ArtiHai. Just chipping away until I teleport and finally win.


Haha, fair enough :smiley:

That’s a solid game plan and I think a question of how you approach a deck like this. Flash can save you so often…Flash Makantor, Flash Drogon or Crypto for the big finisher but chipping away is a good idea especially with the 3 Tracers in the deck.


But… Vaath isn’t exactly the General you want to chip away with, isn’t he?
Tracers are for chipping in not chipping away, or?


Does chip mean half health of a general :thinking:?


Well, attacking with 3-5 attack can probably be considered chipping away. At least in my world.


Oh, and in my world I thought you mean “going infight” vs. “running away”, so… forget about what I said.
(Non English native speaker here)


Hmm, I kinda assumed that chip away is a phrasal verb meaning “break little parts from the whole”, but I could be wrong here.

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