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Vaath the HERO we deserve


So this is a little idea I had while listening to the one punch man opening :muscle:

The idea is to boost Vaath as much as you can while healing him constantly. The two main problems are dispells(though I could manage through one per match) and that they run (thus the Tracer) any thoughts? :slight_smile:


Seems cool, BUUUUUTTT… Take out Rage reactor and Zoetic, no need. RX is also not necessary. Replace mystic with Metalurgist, add in Makantors and Plasma/Rebuke (own liking)


Add in Saurian Finality. Without them your list is incomplete.


Sorry if im a bit rude but your list is terrible
-no rebuke
-no plasma
-no finality
-no lavalslasher
-no natural selection
-no flash
And worst of all:no makantor


Good choice on the silhouette tracer. Nothing says NANI?! like a surprise smash from a hulking green lizard.

Some of the other choices are spotty, but hey who am I to judge?


I would play something more similar to this

Lavaslashers without the Golem package aren’t that great anymore. But you could still play them. I also think the Bloodbound Mentors could be replaced with Ragebinders because your hand could be pretty full most of the time but that needs testing.

There could be a case made for a 3rd Finality. Or some Spirit Harvesters for more control. The Heralds are bad with NS but still more preferable to Healing Mystics I think. Thumping Wave as an answer to backline value generators could be important too.

Biggest difference is the cut down of the artifacts. I think Claws could / should be removed completely to be honest, I left them in because you like artifacts so much :slight_smile:

Trial/Destiny has taken the fun/unpredictability away
Wu'jin the trickster

you either die a villain or live long enough to become the hero. lol tho how the tables have turned.

ur early game looks solid btw. if you want this to go full dank, i suggest fractal replication + drogon multplies ur face attack into megaton punch


“I’m just a guy that plays Magmar for fun”


I love how you managed to upgrade the OP’s deck while leaving the original view of it. I either make something different in these cases, or something unplayable :slight_smile:



That’s so nice of you to say :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot! I appreciate it!


Clearly you want more artifacts and you want Grinch :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

If you aim for more combo then Flash is good.
You know you want to try Flash + Tracer + Bounded Lifeforce :wink:

You could also try adding 2 X Grove Lions. Helps protects artifacts. Smash without caring about getting smashed back.


Yeah Flash could be a great addition because of the early combo potential with Flash + Drogon + BBS + Crypto + BBS for 6 mana or similar situations. It is the question what you take out for them.


oh hey, somebody else plays Bounded besides me!

Finality is too OP :confused:


I’m now exclusively playing your deck (without previously playing magmar) and I have AWESOME results with it in Diamond. I’m almost S now. I’m S. In a huge win almost streak from Dia 3 or smth. 20-7 in high diamond.

It’s very easy to play and very fun. Actually, I kinda feel guilty since the deck is easy to play AND powerful, but I guess all Vaath decks are.

Thanks, @boronian! The world of stupid Magmar smashing is opening its doors for me, and I’m glad it finally happened.


The words of every Abyss main adter trying Magmar for the first time


Yeah, no thoughts, no maneuvers, just clever replaces and going forward and forward.

Much easier than Abyss or Hai.


So the cult is after you too now?


Herald? Really? (Meant absolutely serious.)


Hm. What confuses you?


I played a little Magmar in the past :wink: and together with NS it always was a dead card (rating NS much higher then Herald saying that).
And I never needed so much healing (having Earth Sphere in the deck).